Ideal Push Presents for Dads To Consider Now

Ideal Push Presents for Dads To Consider Now

Push presents for dads have been gaining popularity recently.  Push presents are given to mums to thank them for ensuring the baby is well taken care of during their nine months pregnancy and thank the mum for the efforts in pushing.  Push presents are given to dads to thank them for providing support for their wives during their pregnancy and being there for their wives during the delivery.

The list below contains best push presents for dad which he will be delighted to receive.

  1. Engraved Watch

A watch is a gift which represents a special moment in time, which best marks this occasion, arrival of their new bundle of joy.  A watch engraved with the wife’s special message for dad is one of the most sentimental gifts to consider, to thank her husband for being there during the pregnancy and after birth.

  • Stroller for Jogging

Stroller for jogging is suitable gift for husbands who are sports fanatic.  The husband will be touched by his wife’s thoughtfulness, for ensuring that he does not neglect his fitness schedule though they have a new-born.  The wife is helping the husband to save time, as he can bond with the baby while having his jog.

  • Photo Love Book

Receiving a book filled with fond memories that the couple went through from the day the wife finds out she is pregnant, to expectancy and delivery is the sweetest push present gift for the wife to thank the husband.  It is one of the most popular push presents for dads as this gift gives the wife creativity space to express her love and thanks for her husband, the proud father of their child.

  • Parent and Baby Matching Bodysuit

Parent and child wearing adorable matching clothes is a great way for the dad to show his “mini me” to his family and friends.  The “twinning” pair make great photo shoot as well.

Therefore, the wife giving the husband a parent and baby matching bodysuit is fantastic as a push present for dad.  He will be excited to carry his baby around to show his bundle of joy to his friends and family, giving him.

  • Coffee Mug

With a new-born, her husband’s sleeping hours will be severely disrupted.  Hence, he will need loads of coffee to keep him awake.  Presenting him a coffee mug with the funny word to indicate his new fatherhood role will give him a boost when he drinks his cuppa.  

He can also fill up this mug with water, which is also critical to ensure he stays hydrated, so that he is in tip top condition to look after the baby.

When the husband receiving a push present, he will be touched by his wife’s sweet gesture and thoughtfulness, celebrating the milestone achievement of pregnancy and childbirth.