Ilya Prusenko – a self-made entrepreneur 

Ilya Prusenko – a self-made entrepreneur 

People say “a self-made man” when talking about guys like Ilya Prusenko. In fact, world fame and wealth did not come to Ilya Prusenko by accident. He did not hit the jackpot, did not receive an inheritance. Everything this 35-year-old businessperson got,  he achieved solely on his own with hard work.

Ilya Prusenko was only 22 years old when he opened the HelpResource inc. recruitment agency. Today, with over 13 years on the market, Ilya Prusenko’s recruiting company has an annual turnover of over $30 million and is present in 53 cities in the USA, England, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, and Georgia.

Every day, thanks to Ilya Prusenko and HelpResource inc., tens of thousands of people in different parts of the world find their dream jobs and decent income, while employers find qualified and reliable employees. According to Ilya Prusenko, “The sky is the limit.

Ilya Prusenko lives and works in Miami. He is happily married and has two sons. He is fond of yoga and qigong and enjoys tennis, which he has been playing at a professional level since his youth. As he admits, he felt every bit of his unique business experience “on his own skin”.

“I started working while I was still at the university. I unloaded cars and was a courier. I took on any job, because I studied in a metropolis and there was always lack of money. There were always fewer job vacancies in the labor market than the unemployed, and to get the coveted position, even the one below my qualifications, I had to work very, very hard. So after experiencing all these hardships, I ended up opening a small business in a basement with one window. I gathered a team of ten like-minded people, and we began to help other people find jobs and help firms find employees. Together with the team, I was searching, finding, connecting, while at the same time solving many of the most difficult operations issues. And I developed all the time”, – Ilya Prusenko recalls.

Ilya Prusenko has developed the understanding of business theory through practice. Dealing with many firms, he realized an important thing: the success of any enterprise is a team. Properly selected employees under competent leadership will invariably lead the company in any area of business to the top. However, as soon as at least one wrong person appears in the team, the most successful development will immediately move in the opposite direction and may even end up in failure. By the way, Ilya Prusenko also experienced this himself.

“At the very beginning, HelpResource Inc. teetered on the brink of failure for some time. It happened because we trusted the management too much. Dishonest employees stole the client base, the company suffered substantial damage, and we almost lost the positive reputation that had begun to form. Nevertheless, we conducted an investigation, identified and fired all the guilty and involved, and explained to clients that they were contacted by scammers. In general, we corrected the situation and learned from our mistakes”, – Ilya Prusenko says.

According to numerous reviews of  Ilya Prusenko’s clients, is a reliable strategic partner that not only works as a full-cycle HR agency, but also takes care of all legal and financial costs, allowing its clients to develop their businesses without being distracted by trifles.

For our part, we wish Ilya Prusenko further success, a strong reputation in the business arena, and the implementation of all the bold plans that this unique self-made man sets for himself and his HelpResource inc