Imprinting his name as one of the most sought-after social media marketers and digital entrepreneurs is Srikar Karra

Imprinting his name as one of the most sought-after social media marketers and digital entrepreneurs is Srikar Karra

Karra Media, his full suite media firm exudes the passion with which the youngster is racing ahead many in the field.

No matter how much ever we speak about social media platforms and the online world and how people and businesses have benefited from the same, it still doesn’t feel it is talked about enough. The role of digital mediums is only becoming more and more crucial each passing day and social media marketers and digital entrepreneurs are leveraging all these mediums to the maximum to take the best out of it for growing their clients with modern technological driven social media platforms. Srikar Karra is one amongst these young business personalities, who knew he could better the image of his clients through the online world and so did he with his immense hard work, commitment and his unremitting efforts.

Everything started for Karra when he was a teenager of 19 years. He noticed how social media platforms were growing each day and saw it as a magical opportunity that can even help him in carving his career into the same. Hence, he decided to first build his own social media platforms. This resulted in him earning massive followings in the year 2016. TikTok was one excellent social media platform that helped Karra earn great fan and follower base as he kept interacting and engaging his audiences with his out of the box content including business strategies and tips, life hacks, motivational posts, etc. As he saw his presence increasing, he started growing many small online businesses, helping them taste success like never before.

He initiated his firm ‘Karra Media’ after realizing the amount of exceptional work he can do with online businesses and help them to gain the status they desire in their respective fields with the efficient use of social media platforms. Karra Media is his self-owned full media firm that promises to take online businesses, brands and entrepreneurs to reach newer heights of success with their robust services through social media. Karra with his firm has so far worked with people from different industries and also worked with executives, influencers, content creators to amplify their social media presence and reach.

Speaking of Karra’s presence on social media, he already has combined followers of more than a million and growing each day and at the same time also manages a network of more than 100 million followers in total. Karra also owns a page on Instagram called @mindsetowner that is about daily inspirational and positive quotes, motivating people each day in their life.

In high school, young Karra had turned into a humanitarian who initiated ‘Insight Chess Academy’, an NGO, which coaches and mentors kids in chess. Apart from managing such a successful business with Karra Media, the youngster also has authored the book called ‘Best of Life Hacks: Thirty Nerdy Life Hacks That You Never Knew.’ This book of his has already become an Amazon Bestseller, garnering a lot of attention and appreciation of readers and media platforms.

Working with the aim to touch the lives of millions with his brand, Karra has already imprinted his name as one of the most sought-after social media marketers and digital entrepreneurs who yet aims to achieve many other feats in his career.

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