India to get its first exclusive Marathi OTT Platform “Planet Marathi” set for launch in December

India to get its first exclusive Marathi OTT Platform “Planet Marathi” set for launch in December

“Anything is possible if you have got enough nerve.”

  • J K Rowling

Right on those lines, Akshay Bardapurkar, the producer of the Amitabh Bachchan’s Marathi film debut ‘AB ani CD’ is rolling out his new OTT platform Planet Marathi exclusively for the Marathi audience.

Along with actor Puskar Shrotri and music composer Aditya Oak, he is all set to take Marathi films and series global. Banking on the heavy consumption of Marathi films on the prevalent OTT platforms, Akshay Bardapurkar feels confident that they will be able to deliver ‘kadak’ content to the Indian audience who are out there yearning for killer content sans any language barriers.

What went into planning this launch?

With a virtual tête-à-tête with him, we got to understand the vision behind his brainchild, “My vision has always been to scale Marathi films globally. We wanted to begin a simple digital OTT platform which could be the center of all the good content curated films and we did that by showcasing the world with my films.”

He also went on to tell journalist-author Harshita Dagha how there was a huge demand for Marathi films but there was no exclusive platform for Marathi content.

With the OTT platform, he envisions that he can bring wholesome Marathi content to the audiences right from hosting arts, music, films to webseries.

“I envisaged the thought of launching a regional OTT platform for the Marathi people three years ago, but I am very delighted that we could do the launch in less than three years,” he tells Harshita.

He is excited to have a place to create fresh Marathi content and promote Marathi films in his comprehensive Marathi OTT platform, which was not the case previously.

Is Planet Marathi any different from other OTTs?

With the world adapting to the new ways of consuming entertainment, the OTT platforms are a great way to access any kind of movie or web series.

Indian audiences are always looking forward to good movies and with the line between different languages slowly blurring, Akshay feels that this is going to turn out as a massive successful launch.

With a never dying passion for films in his heart, he wants to bring all those talented Marathi filmmakers together and give them a platform where they can showcase their best movies and present them to the audience.

Before signing off, Akshay ends with a happy assurance that with the great lineup of content for his platform will have the audience hooked on from the very beginning – something which no other Indian OTT platform could ever achieve.

Akshay Bardapurkar in conversation with Harshita Dagha