Unised International – New Way Of Learning Things In A Better Way

Unised International – New Way Of Learning Things In A Better Way

Is bookish education supplied in schools to young ones enough? The answer is No. They need to highly work upon their moral education to empower them for future. Moral Education is what schools do to influence how students think, feel and act regarding issues of right and wrong. They gain the ability to differentiate between good or bad to tackle their basic life problems themselves. Moreover, it will help them develop variously as moral, civic, good mannered, behaved, non bullying or socially acceptable beings. They acquire a set of values and beliefs. They are more dependent on themselves than anyone else.

Unised International has been working on this concept that visions to provide the bookless education to its students. This concept is being raised so that students can focus more on information and life skills. The main focus of the Unised is not to provide bookish knowledge but to create a society that focuses more on value based education. It creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment and develops students’ social and relationship skills that lasts throughout their lives. The motive is to prepare students for the future that can cope up with the developing world. To achieve this, it is planned to provide students with artificial intelligence, 3D printing and Augmented reality.

Artificial intelligence, also known as Machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. 3D printing is the construction of three dimensional object from a digital 3D model. Augmented Reality (AR) is frequently used term in today’s era. It is an interactive experience of real-world environment. Today, AR is used in entertainment, military training, engineering design, robotics and other industries.

The unique thought that creates unised different from any other organisation in the field is that they have the realisation that education should be equal to the rich and the poor. They vision to empower each primary school in their area by establishing AR and VR labs. One UNISED school will be held for empowering ten to fifteen government schools. This is done to provide quality and effective education to all as education is right for all.

Everyone is on the track to grow independent. It is observed and believed that in the near future every parent will be working for a good of their child and family. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for them to spend whole day with their child. UNISED came up with the lovely concept of taking care of the child. These schools are designed in a way that they are introduced with professional physician (normal doctor), psychiatrist (mental health expert) and a nutritionist who will provide balanced diet to the students. So, if parents wish they may leave their child at unised in the morning and pick them up in the evening when free from their professional life. The child will be under the supervision of experts for whole day and will be provided with different productive activities.

The ultimate goal of Unised International is to create a difference and change the education system wherever required. Now, its your choice whether to send your child to the ordinary school or prepare them to face the future.