Innovative pergola designs will add aesthetics to your Building

Innovative pergola designs will add aesthetics to your Building

While designing a house most important thing is maintaining aesthetics while providing maximum strength to the building, the roof is very important as they are building block of the house strong, and the aesthetic pergola provides a luxurious feeling to your place particularly in European countries the outside is designed in such a way that the pergola is made up of aluminum for soaking natural sunlight.

  •  Aluminium pergolas by Concept Alu is a family-based business for over 50 years and provides the best roof for houses in Europe, they have the specialty of lasting for a long time and also maintaining the beauty of your house.
  • The ultimate goal of the pergola is to maintain the quality and high standards of their products to meet the need of customers and satisfy them with their best service.
  • The pergolas are designed very beautifully and attractively to give your space a very beautiful and new look, so when the weather change it will add more aesthetics to your place. Due to its amazing design, it will add more space to your place.
  • Their bioclimate design is very unique and harmonious with the environment protecting your house from harsh weather conditions and more exposure to sunlight


This area is not only for specifically built houses, yes it is a very amazing idea to install these pergolas to your building regardless of style or design, the dimensions are designed a d selected in such a way to give maximum protection to your pergola you can close these aluminum bars in the case of extreme weather and open them to soak sunlight.

Bioclimate experience:

Pergola will add not only aesthetics it your space but also let you enjoy beautiful weather, the experiencing bioclimate sitting in the space build outside the house in the middle of the garden and inside joined to house, you can enjoy beautiful rainy weather or natural sunlight in an open atmosphere.

Customers demands:

  • Concept ALU fulfills customer’s demands and keeping in view the design of the house and requirements of customer they design pergola, more over the ease in cleaning the glass us also kept in mind so these are self-cleaning glasses and pergola is designed in such a way that aluminum sheets can be closed in case of extreme weather conditions. Maximum light can reach the room, not affecting the benefits gained from bioclimate.
  • There is no issue of space in installing a pergola in fact concept ALU will design the pergola in such a way that can be adjusted to your place and make it look more spacious and aesthetic.
  • The pergola is designed with the greater strategy that it can be readjusted to your place, not compromising on the quality, providing you best solution to your demand,  they have fixed solid panels that do not require extra space for adjusting them, preserving the aesthetics and benefit of bioclimate the pergolas of concert ALU can be highly adaptive to your place without considering area space the result you get after installing pergola will make you happy and satisfied with their service.