Photographer and famous poet Javad Ghasemi

Photographer and famous poet Javad Ghasemi

Javad Ghasemi says that it does not matter if you are a beginner or semi-professional photographer, we will help you to improve your photography skills and abilities to a higher level and become a professional photographer by saying a few golden and very practical tips.

In this article, Javad Ghasemi talks about different shutter speeds, different ISO values, night photography, lighting methods in different spaces and even the use of filters such as polarizing filters. Here are 10 techniques that you can use in the world of photography:

1. Avoid camera shake when shooting

2. Learn to use the lighting triangle

3. Use a polarizing filter

4. Create a sense of depth in images

5. Use simple backgrounds in photos

6. Do not use the camera’s internal flash

7. Select the appropriate ISO

8. In the photography of a moving subject, use the penning technique

9. Try different shutter speeds

10. Use the rule of thirds in photography

Javad Ghasemi says that photography has become an enjoyable and attractive art these days.

Javad Ghasemi started his photography career by attending concert halls and has entered the field of cinema and music with his remarkable progress, and has now become a successful artist.