Instagram account will change the way you see the world – Majed Veysel

Instagram account will change the way you see the world – Majed Veysel

Social media has made it a lot easier for us to determine the characteristics of a person. You can tell a lot about the personality, creativity and nature of a person by his/her Instagram.

This is because one puts a lot of effort, hard work and determination into his/her Instagram feed. Our Instagram accounts are like the virtual versions of each one of us. It defines our personality, dedication and worth.

People nowadays pay a lot of attention to their social accounts. This actually helps them to increase their network and get recognised by other people. It also can be a hunger for self-validation for some.

When you go through somebody’s Instagram account, you get to know about them, their work and maybe even their family but there are some people whose Instagram accounts have some sort of magical ability to change the way you look at the World. Let’s study one such great example.

Majed Veysel’s Instagram feed is a classy combination of art, architecture and photography adroitness with a touch of minimalism. Majed captures astonishingly beautiful shots of various Infrastructure from all across the world. The pictures that he posts on his Instagram account have a deep significance and his art is praised by thousands of people on the internet every single day.

What sets him apart from the other artistic photographers is the fact that all the pictures that his posts are black and white in colour. Black and White photography is indeed capable of transforming a scene into something completely magical. This is because Colour is descriptive while the combination of Black and White is interpretive.

Majed is an accomplished architect as well as a polished photographer. He has combined both his interests and skills together and his Instagram feed is all about the result of this combination. He travels the world to capture stupefying shots of significant architectural structures.

When you look at a bridge, you look at it as something that just connects two paths from one another but through his art, Majed makes you look it as a piece of art that is worthy of being noticed and appreciated. This is why we believe that Majed’s Instagram account can possibly change the way you see the world.

The black and white images of humongous architectures that he posts can add an artistic approach to your overall perspective of looking at things. This is because when you look at the breath-taking shots that he captured, you get to feel the efforts, creativity and time that he has put into them. This makes you develop a new sense in which you see every building, bridge, sculpture as a form of art. You also get to virtually experience the astonishing beauty of spacious architectures from all across the globe.

All this somehow adds a bit of depth and creativity to the perspective of his followers and that is why they show so much affection towards his art. If you want to know more about this person then by visiting his website you can know more about him. We wish him all the best for his upcoming projects.