Instagram Model Rexi James Reveals How She Overcame Her Disability to Pursue Higher Goals and Positivity

Instagram Model Rexi James Reveals How She Overcame Her Disability to Pursue Higher Goals and Positivity

What makes us accept challenges? What makes us challenge our fears? Where does our strength to take life head-on comes from? For Rexi James, a 21-year-old adult entertainer, it comes when we stop being an obstacle in our own life.

Rexi was born with arthrogryposis Amyoplasia. It’s a disability that affected her joints, tendons, and muscles. Talking about coming to terms with it she says, “Growing up I hated my disability. I was mad I was different and that everything was 10-times harder than it should be. But I had a dream to be fiercely independent as a writer and journalist.” Her dream put her on a journey with “many bumps in the road with some bumps looking like mountains at some points. I was determined to finish my degree even though I did not have the financial means to do so.” However, her determination persisted and “led me to my current job as a social media influencer/model.”

Rexi swears by the philosophy of positivity and believes that life is always greener on the side you are on. She says, “Always remain positive! It’s your best defense against toxicity.” The digital world is an echo chamber, perhaps the loudest one yet, of our collective fears and strengths. Rexi feels that this can be overwhelming at times and it’s during these deafening moments that one must remember to stay positive. “I feel like the world of social media can be very harsh at times. I have even considered quitting it altogether just because it can get so overwhelming. But my secret to persist and succeed would be to just keep pushing forward and tune out the negative comments or negative feedback and remember that so many people love and adore you.”

Another thing that does not let limitations become obstacles is when she reminds herself of who she truly is. She warns, “Never lose sight of your true self and your goals while being a social media influencer. It’s easy to get caught up in the sudden success but if it’s not treated with respect and caution, it can crumble just as quickly.” Rexi believes that becoming her own boss has helped us her “not depend on anyone else. This has helped me learn that producing quality content is not a gimmick or fluke. It’s the result of hard work, creativity, and the ability to keep your content fresh and engaging.”

Rexi had hoped to get enough money for “gas and groceries” but had not expected a full-blown career. Needless to say, she feels “blessed to say how successful this has been. It has also given me a chance to educate, motivate, inspire, breakdown disability stereotypes/assumptions, and promote body positivity all while working towards my goal as a successful journalist.” Here’s wishing her well in her pursuit.