Interview With One of Miami’s Top Fitness Entrepreneurs- Anthony Mendez

Interview With One of Miami’s Top Fitness Entrepreneurs- Anthony Mendez

Anthony Mendez runs his fitness program professionally. Being a fitness coach and an entrepreneur, he got his unique styles of loaded and unloaded movement training. His methods consist of  unconventional tools, bodyweight, flows and corrective drills make him stand out in the realm of fitness training.

Mendez has been researching ways to nourish the Mind, Body and Soul. He has uncovered unique approaches in his coaching career. He has maintained most of his clients because they rarely get other programs that are alike with Anthony’s. For the last ten years, the online fitness program has become among the efficient ways of keeping fit because it’s time conscious.

            Helping others

In the system, Anthony Mendez is teaching health & fitness coaches how to leverage their social media in different ways. Firstly, he teaches them how to do a professional Bio with powerful content that resonates and delivers the right message to the prospect.

“What this does is, it allows for the person they’re attracting to feel drawn into their page and feel that this health & fitness coach is speaking out to them and relates with them. This is a huge way to leverage your social media to bring you new leads, but not just any leads, most importantly, your ideal avatar!”


You can hardly stay in a business that, despite trying hard and being resilient, you are still not even making a single milestone. Anthony Mendez still celebrates a milestone that he made. “I made $35,000 in one week! This really catapulted me in my business and gave me a lot of feedback moving forward!”

On his job, Mendez is now offering coaching. He says that it is also a huge milestone because he has seen life-changing for most health and fitness coaches.


Everyone has something that keeps him moving. For Anthony Mendez, his family comes first. He has a baby girl, and he wants her to experience the opportunities that he did not have when he was a kid. Lastly, every time he wakes up, this is what he says, “I’m not settling for normal, and I’m here to take full control of my life. I want to be in charge of my life always and have full control of it every single day!”

This is exactly what keeps him moving, and he knows how hard he has been working and he is not ready to move backwards at all cost.