Latest Interview With Travelling Couple Domi & Frida Also Known As Weloveourlife

Latest Interview With Travelling Couple Domi & Frida Also Known As Weloveourlife

Hi, Domi & Frida (Weloveourlife). How are you?

Yeah, we are alright! Happy to answer your questions for this interview.

How Would You Describe Your Passion For Travelling?

Exciting. This is how we describe our passion for travelling. Every time we get on a plane, every time we are headed to a new destination, it’s a unique and indescribable emotion. Exploring new places, learning from new cultures, collecting content to share and above all doing all this together are beautiful sensations. We love to travel for all of these reasons and because it makes you an open-minded human being.

Please Tell Us About Your YouTube Channel And Other Platforms You Are Using To Grow.

YouTube is one of our first platforms where we started sharing content. We use YouTube essentially to post vlogs of our travels around the world. It’s a lot of fun to film ourselves on our adventures. Plus we love sharing these videos with everyone on a social platform like YouTube. Moreover, from April 2020 we are also on TikTok as @weloveourlife_ . On TikTok, we publish videos on travel trivia, tips and tricks. Here too we have a lot of fun! YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and our blog are the platforms where we share travel content with our audience and help us grow our web presence every day.

What Place Would You Suggest To A New Couple For Travelling?

It’s a difficult question right now due to Covid-19 not allowing travel to many parts of the world. Thinking about an ideal situation, we recommend starting with small trips, better a weekend. A little journey at the beginning of a love story can be a concentrate of emotions and a memory that you will never forget. We don’t recommend classic clichés like Paris. As much as the Ville-Lumière can be an extremely romantic and perfect destination for a couple in love, it can be a challenging journey for a new couple. For this reason, you can start with simpler journeys, not very far from home. The right mix to feel at ease and forget about everything around.

We Have Looked Over Your Instagram Posts And You Are Just Amazing. But What Makes You Different From Other Instagram Couples?

Thanks you are very kind! We simply try to be ourselves and inspire others with our content. We also love to be inspired by others who share our same passions. However, what really makes us different from others is not our content or anything else, but ourselves. No one is perfect, we are all different and people may love you or hate you as you are. We are simply blessed to have thousands of people who love to follow our adventures on our social channels every day.

Your Photos Are Very Professional. How Do You Always Take These Amazing Photos For Your Blogs And Instagram?

Taking pictures has always been our passion, especially when traveling. There are no secrets behind our photography, but hard work and a lot of time. A photo for us is a memory of a specific day or moment. So why not make it a unique and perfect memory? This is why we always study the details of a scene in advance before taking a shot such as the location, the light, the position and the outfit. This is our work behind every couple shot. However, it’s very difficult to achieve perfection for this reason we sometimes rely on chance and maybe some good could come out of all this!