Interview with Seyyed Hamed Tehrani alavi, an iranian actor, film and television director about music instrument

Interview with Seyyed Hamed Tehrani alavi, an iranian actor, film and television director about music instrument

Seyyed Hamed Tehrani Alavi, born on 1 September 1985, is an actor, film and television director, and composer.

     He holds a Bachelor of Music degree and a Master’s degree from the Russian Conservatory.  Tehrani Alavi started his artistic career in 1351 by playing a role in the series Naam Nagha directed by Ali Omrani.  After that, due to his interest in music, he continued his studies in this field of art.  In the following years, he acted in series such as “The Passing of Mirza” by Mohammad Alami and several telefilms.  But his main fame was due to his appearance in the Khande Bazaar series directed by Shahab Abbasi, which continued in 5 series.

     This actor also acted in the series “Dasht Azadegan” by Ahmed Kavari and “Shakarabad” and in addition to acting in the series “Dast Be Naqd” and “Shahrgoshada” he also composed the music for it.

     Acting in the films “Gahi” directed by Mohammad Reza Rahmani, composing and producing music for the films “Love, Chance, Coincidence” directed by Hossein Farahbakhsh, “Sour Lemon” directed by Javad Razovian, “Divorce in Iranian style” directed by Farid.  .  Kalhor and Farshad Araj “Taymaz Motori”, “Sweet Inheritance”, “Close Your Eyes”, “Common Grave”, “Last Warning” and… are among other artistic experiences of this young artist.  He has also directed the programs of Persepolis network and recently directed the series “Khane Yeki” produced by Roshan Amiri.

What is the most perfect instrument in music?

It happens many times that parents ask us such a question and are looking for their child to learn the best instrument or the most complete instrument!!!

   All the instruments used in music schools or music training centers are perfect and no instrument is perfect, but it may have a smaller range or number of notes.

   Instruments that have fewer notes or a lower range of sound are definitely adequate to their limits and responding to the work they are responsible for.

   What is perfect?

   There are different definitions of a complete instrument, according to which the instruments can be different.  First, we need to know what tools we are looking for and what we expect from the organization.

   If you are looking for an instrument that you can sing along with, surely the best and most complete instrument for this is the guitar instrument, which is not only for playing but also can be used in the best way for singing.

   In the definition of a complete instrument in music, you should consider the following:

   1- In terms of sound range

   2- In terms of music education

   3- In terms of accompaniment with other instruments

   4- In terms of reading along

   5- In terms of ease of handling and transportation

   Sound range

   The sound range means that the instrument has both very low and very low sound and it is possible to get high and low notes from it.

   This ability can be very important not only for playing, but also in matters such as composition and creativity in music, and therefore those who are looking for such an instrument can pay attention to this issue.

   Of course, the instruments that include this item are not few, but undoubtedly one of the best of them is the piano, which is a very suitable instrument for this work.

   Guitar, violin, keyboard, etc. can also be suitable for this work.

   Music education

It means training the ear for music, which makes the musician understand the music and the sounds.

   Of course, this is usually possible in music and for all instruments, but in an instrument like the violin where there is no specific place for the notes, this issue is certainly more important, and violinists usually have a strong musical ear.

   Accompaniment with other instruments

   Since you can easily tune with other instruments, there is usually no difference between different instruments and all instruments can be tuned with other instruments.

   Along with reading

   There are many cases where people like to sing along with their instrument because they have a taste for singing.

   If this is what you are looking for, it is the best guitar instrument that can play rhythm and chords and you can easily play and sing your favorite songs with it.

   Although any instrument that does not involve lips and mouth can fulfill this requirement, it is up to you what instrument and how you can communicate.

   Easy to move and carry

   One thing that may be important for some people is that they consider that they are constantly traveling or like to have compromisers with them.

   For this purpose, it should be said that lighter instruments and instruments that are less sensitive to temperature changes can be more suitable.

   such as harmonica, flute, etc.