IPFSUnion, the World’s Fastest Growing Solution Provider is holding the relocation ceremony at Hongqiao Wanchuang Center

IPFSUnion, the World’s Fastest Growing Solution Provider is holding the relocation ceremony at Hongqiao Wanchuang Center

Newyork-September 24th, IPFSUnion, the world’s leading decentralized storage integrated solution provider is holding the relocation ceremony at T2, Hongqiao Wanchuang Center, as the key members of the R&D team are from well-known enterprises, dozens of industry partners including Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Technologies, Dell China, New H3C Group, Qiniu Cloud come to witness this grand move.

IPFSUnion has the best talents in the industry, as well as the biggest R&D team in scale. IPFSUnion has established a comprehensive sales channel including hundreds of agents providing industry leading IDC solutions, while also in leading position of storage, maintenance and operations. In the meanwhile, IPFSUnion endeavors to utilize its technical reserves to open up services for enterprise-level users who are keen to enter IPFS decentralized storage industry.

In the storage field, Decentralized Storage is one of the most popular and promising projects, which is believed to bring about revolutionary changes to the next-generation Internet. Decentralized Storage is a way of storing data opposed to Centralized Storage, using IDC centers scattered around the world to store data in chunks, and therefore, providing a storage service with higher privacy and security.

The past decade has been the one of data explosion, the volume of data generated around the world has been growing rapidly. According to the statistics and prediction by Statista, one of the international statistical authorities, data generated in 2020 will reach 47ZB and by 2035, the figure will increase to 2142ZB. The global volume of data will witness a boom at greater scale. With the explosive growth of data in modern society, people will harbor expectations of a way of storage with larger storage space and higher speed. IPFS decentralized storage is exactly the innovative technology that conforms to the needs of time. Contrast to the traditional way of storage, it is born with technical features of everlasting, de-duplicative, decentralized, peer-to-peer etc., and is expected to replace HTTP protocol in establishing new-generation Internet infrastructures (Web 3.0). As new trend of storage in the future, the market of decentralized storage has great potential. Since the Filecoin mainnet was officially online on 15th of October last year, there have been more than 3000 active miners on the whole Filecoin network, the overall block height has been over 1.08 million and effective computing power more than 10EiB, this figure has been continuously increasing by an additional 50PiB on a daily basis.

As a world’s leading integrated hybrid cloud service provider in decentralized storage industry, IPFSUnion has been plunged into fields of storage cloud and Internet for over 10 years and is currently the industry leader. IPFSUnion has unparalleled advantages of industrial resources in IDC deployments, maintenance and operations of cluster architecture designed for massive storage servers, software algorithm optimization, R&D of FPGA&ASIC chips etc. IPFSUnion has so far more than 200 IDC resources around the world, distributed across Asia, Europe and Oceania. Besides, IPFSUnion has also launched a decentralized hybrid cloud service platform, to help store substantive data of traditional industries, actively promoting the realization of real data storage in Filecoin Plus and future implementation of business applications.

IPFSUnion is always seeking for a win-win collaboration and is committed to construct the strongest industrial ecosystem for decentralized storage. IPFSUnion has formed cooperation with Intel, AMD, Seagate, Western Digital, Nvidia, Dale for the R&D of decentralized storage related hardware. The company has also cooperated with Qiniu Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud for the management of the decentralized storage file system, as well as the maintenance and operations of clusters of decentralized storage servers. It also established strategic cooperation with other well-known cloud service providers in terms of the implementation and technical development of decentralized storage applications.

Compared with the preoccupant centralized storage service providers, IPFSUnion has prominent advantages, providing decentralized storage with larger capacity, faster transmission speed meanwhile keeping your data safe, and the price is just one-tenth of the traditional cloud service, perfectly solving the pain points of centralized storage in terms of high costs, low transmission speed and poor safety.

In decentralized storage field, IPFSUnion ranks at the top, having industry-leading IDC solutions and having outstanding technical advantages in 5 areas such as: algorithm optimization, task scheduling, storage, maintenance & operations and ecological construction. Especially in terms of storage and maintenance & operations, IPFSUnion dominates the industry-leading position. The company has also invested heavily in creating chips tailored for decentralized storage, having gathered experts in FPGA & ASIC chips who used to work in prestigious companies such as Nvidia, Intel, AMD to form a R&D team. Up to now, IPFSUnion has already completed a phototype of an in-house FPGA chip and it is currently undergoing a rigorous and extensive testing process. In the meanwhile, ASIC chip is also under design. It is expected to realize mass production soon and to be implemented in the next-generation decentralized storage servers in place of our current CPU+GPU hardware architecture. This will further reduce the costs of our hardware and exponentially increase its performance, propelling IPFSUnion to further lead the development of industry.

IPFS is an open-source decentralized hypermedia protocol, which is designed for realizing permanent data preservation and clearing redundant data stored on the Internet. Compared to traditional storage methods, it is born with technical features such as “everlasting, de-duplicative, decentralized, peer-to-peer”, and is expected to replace HTTP protocol in constructing new-generation Internet infrastructures. Filecoin is the incentive structure of IPFS, aiming to build a decentralized storage network through blockchain token-incentive model. In 2018, the first round financing of Filecoin has broken the fastest financing records of blockchain industry, having gained 257 million dollars and acquired huge attention of blockchain fans, investors and miners from all over the world.


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