RealLink (REAL) will launch an airdrop on September 30th, 2021

RealLink (REAL) will launch an airdrop on September 30th, 2021

RealLink will launch an airdrop on September 30th, 2021. 2,000 lucky members will have the chance to win 300,000 RealLinks. The details are as follows:

  1. Total Airdrop Allocation:300,000 Reallinks to be won.
  2. Number of winners:2000 Lucky winners.
  3. Airdrop Distribution: 2021.09.30-util 300,000 RealLinks all distributed.

For more details about how to join the airdrop and win RealLinks, please visit the official website of RealLink (,or join us directly

What’s RealLink?

RealLink (REAL) rebuilds tipping culture on the internet, which makes it easy for users to send gifts to their favorite creators who create the interesting content directly.

If you are a content creator, you will find you are empowered by your fans. It is the first time you can receive gifts from fans directly. It is not a“like”or “retweet”, which you can’t monetize them directly. So “Give me Link, Love me Real!”

RealLink aims at bringing consumers quality contents, encouraging content creators to produce quality content and building a quality content production ecosystem.

Everybody can contribute to RealLink ecosystem and get reward from it.

How to mine RealLink?

RealLink is open to several products at beginning, and it gets social entertainment products involved including BuzzCast. At present, you can download and use BuzzCast to mine. Download link:

For now you can get RealLink rewarded in this app in these two ways. The first way is to broadcast to receive gifts from users as a streamer. The second way is to send gifts to streamers and when the gift revenue increases to a certain amount, RealLink will be released and all users are able to gain at random in live room.

Specifically, when gift revenue increases to a certain amount of dollars in the APP, it will trigger a treasure box. And the treasure box will appear in the live room where gift revenue account for the most of total gifts sent. All users can tap the treasure box to get RealLink from it. Besides, the RealLink in one treasure box will be divided into a certain amount of shares. And all users watching broadcast are able to gain at random. All RealLink mined will be distributed to all users and streamers at random. Significantly, all mining records’ signature will be stored in blockchain.

Generally speaking, you can mine RealLink via both broadcasting and watching stream on BuzzCast.