Is blogging difficult? Mrs. Sanam Samipoor’s explanation about how to start blogging

Is blogging difficult? Mrs. Sanam Samipoor’s explanation about how to start blogging

The only difficulty of being a blogger is that you must break some habits and replace them with new ones. For instance, you should get used to sharing the interesting events of your life. The advantage of blogging is that you live your ordinary life except getting used to sharing them.

Blogging is based on friendship and love. The most significant parameter in friendship is reproducibility. This means that you are often beside your followers. This is not acceptable to be active for a couple of days and then be absent for a week. You need to face the fact that Instagram, your followers, and your phone are undetachable items of your life and you should live with them.

There are nearly 1 million topics for blogging, in other words, there are as many fields for blogging as all jobs in the world. Blogging is not only making up or eating foods in front of a camera, but you can start blogging in any field of your interests or specializations. However, note that you must specify your main business and not change it frequently.

To avoid getting bored and frustrated, you need to apply for secondary specializations. Assume that you are a food blogger (blogging in the field of food) and you also workout. You can place exercising among your posts, stories, and whole lifestyle. You can add some extra activities besides your main proficiency to become an attractive and professional blogger. Make trips, visit new places, read new books, etc.

If making money is your only concern, blogging doesn’t suit you. If you aim to make your followers trust you and be interested in your page, you must care about making your followers’ mood better. You can do so by making them laugh, spreading useful information, change their mood, etc.

The first thing you should concern about is improving your followers’ status, then when you give them better feelings and they start trusting you, your monetization will start as well.

One of the people’s concerns is that they believe blogging can not be successful if they are not the best expert in that field. But this belief is wrong. You need to progress along with your followers to make them trust you. For example, if you want to be a sports blogger it is not necessary to be an athlete. You can share the moments when you start taking part in a sports center or doing exercises, until the time when you hit a level. You can learn together, making people’s mood better and acquiring knowledge.