P8N Speaks On His Experiences With Being A Young Artists In Music

P8N Speaks On His Experiences With Being A Young Artists In Music

Singer and songwriter P8N was born and raised in Atlanta, and has found early success in the music industry despite only being 18 years old. He has a unique sound that blends across genres, mixing darker R&B tunes and catchy melodies.

One thing that P8N tries to express in his music is his feelings and experiences about being a teenager, but in a way that can be relatable to people of all ages.

His love for music started at the young age of 3, and P8N had written his first song when he was 13. By 15, he was already writing and collaborating with other artists, which is still something he regularly does today.

His signature adlibs make his sound unique, and he has recently been catching the attention of major labels, producers, engineers and fellow musicians, all who are excited to be able to collaborate and work with him.

Followers and fans of P8N’s work can look out for upcoming projects with 5x Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated producer Kenny Bartow, and his much-anticipated first single Alive is the perfect blend of dark, haunting, and euphoric vocals mixed with a hard beat.

You can hear more from P8N and stay up-to-date on his latest projects at his Instagram.