Is safe? Cloud mode be the main theme of 2020

Is safe? Cloud mode be the main theme of 2020

Is safe? The cloud model will be the main theme of 2020. The sudden new coronary pneumonia epidemic has caused many units and enterprises to continuously delay the timing of resumption of production and production, which has affected the company’s established production rhythm to a certain extent.

However, the progress of the capital market has not been dragged down by the epidemic. Since the normal opening of the A-share market on February 3, it has successfully withstood the test of the epidemic and global turmoil in the past month of trading.

And the new “Securities Law” came into effect on March 1, until the revision of the “Measures for the Administration of Securities Issuance of Listed Companies” brought a new refinancing policy, and then to the “Guidelines on the Transfer of Listed Companies in the National SME Transfer System” for public consultation The deepening reform of the capital market is proceeding in an orderly manner.

At the same time, the existing rhythm of the science and technology board issuance audit has not been disrupted by the epidemic, and it continues to adhere to the normalization of audit to meet the financing needs of science and technology enterprises. Since January 17, the Science and Technology Board Listing Committee has not held a meeting. Has the market ever worried about the need to slow down the science and technology board review?

The comprehensive resumption of production and production of enterprises is proceeding in an orderly manner, how can the support work of capital market financing stand still? With the “one-day double review” of the Science and Technology Board Listing Committee on March 11, this concern is not self-defeating.

At the same time, in order to deal with the particularity of epidemic prevention and control, the meeting moved the audit work to the “cloud” and adopted an innovative model of “onsite + video”. The two places were separated but still ensured that the meeting was held smoothly. Special candidates, Trina Solar and Jinbo, have finally achieved satisfactory results.

Of course, the adjustment of audit form does not mean the relaxation of audit standards. According to the news from the scene, both candidates were “difficult” by the committee members in varying degrees.

Under the new “Securities Law” era, the first science and technology board listing review, the members have further reduced the profitability assessment of enterprises, science and technology, and the completeness of information disclosure, which is the only way to win members’ approval.

At the same time, based on the spread of the epidemic to various industries across the country, members were particularly concerned about “whether the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has a significant impact on the issuer’s operation and profitability, and the issuer’s response measures”, and always recognized “high standards, steady start, and strict supervision. The basic requirements of “controlling risk” must be understood, and the issuer must be able to clearly protect the interests of investors.

The convening of the Science and Technology Board Listing Committee as scheduled is only an important part of the process for companies to land on the Science and Technology Board. Prior to this, the process of review and registration of the issuance and listing of science and technology board acceptance, audit enquiries, and submission of registration has been carried out as usual through the network cloud.

In view of the difficulties faced by issuers and intermediaries in their work during special periods, on the premise of ensuring that the review standards are not relaxed, by relaxing the time limit for replying to inquiries, modifying the signature method, supporting intermediaries to appropriately use on-site verification alternatives, and preventing and controlling the epidemic The company will provide a series of special arrangements such as rapid acceptance and review to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the progress of the company intending to log in to the Science and Technology Board, ensure that the company’s acceptance, review and report registration are kept on file, and use the power of the capital market to fight the epidemic together with the enterprise And overcome difficulties.’s innovative solutions are your gateway to the foreign exchange market. Since its establishment in 2016, we have been continuously striving to build and maintain a good trading environment and are committed to providing customers with the best quality services.

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