Is Power Sportz Premier League going to be a game changer?

Is Power Sportz Premier League going to be a game changer?

People who have mastered to see opportunities even in the worst of times are able to think outside the box even amidst the COVID – 19 pandemic. Kanthi D Suresh, the founder of Power Sportz along with her team is busy with the Power Sportz Premier League, which is the league division of Power Sportz.

According to an insider, Power Sportz has already named 8 teams for the North Zone Championship of the Season 1, under the concept of ‘Main Bhi Star Banunga’. Moreover, the in-house team of Power Sportz has handpicked some unique names for all the 8 teams. 

With its league business, Power Sportz Premier League is going to be a game-changer for the channel. The Power Sportz Premier League is not only swamped with player lists, but also seems to be throwing up opportunities to those who wish to own teams across different sports. If rumours are true, PSPL is beginning with Cricket leagues. Ms Kanthi D Suresh is personally involved in the league business. Besides, the logo of the Power Sportz Premier League has also been trademarked

It means Power Sportz has something great to offer to its fans soon! Well, let’s wait for the situation to become better! Until then STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!!

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