italytime Cultural Center Presents New Season 2019-2021

italytime Cultural Center Presents New Season 2019-2021

italytime Cultural Center presents its new season full of bright, young, fresh takes on old italian tales including a world premiere play based on an award winning novel written by non other legendary novelist Dacia Mariani. A famous italytime contributor as she has provided her great services to create the critically acclaimed play produced by italytime “Three Eyes on Pinocchio”.

For the upcoming season italytime cultural center will open up its theater with the revival of Three Eyes of Pinocchio with a twist. The show had such great success that this time around it will be done in Spanish. No opening date has been released yet. 

For the 2019-2021 season we can expect another 3 productions the following:

Italian folktales by italo calvino, italytime has decided to take on the challenge and make a fresh take on an old italian classic.

Beyond its Beauty will follow up. Not much detail has been released about this production all we know it will follow into a fairytale like theme.

Last but not least is the world premiere play based on the novel by world renowned novelist Daica Maraini called “Tre Donne una storia d’amore e disamore”

As of now no specific dates or cast has been released, all we know so far is one cast member the TV actress Nicole Vukov will be attached as the lead to all three productions.

more news to come soon!

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