It’s All The Successful People With The Most Number Of Responsibilities: Lokesh Goyal

It’s All The Successful People With The Most Number Of Responsibilities: Lokesh Goyal

The business industry needs a lot of people who can take up a lot of responsibilities and not be stressed about each one of them. Working efficiently without actually worrying about the job, taking only necessary mental pressure as job demands is important for people who work not one but many jobs and are taking up as much responsibility as they can and never backing down from challenging situations.

Lokesh Goyal is a very responsible man who has been a lot of people at once. One might expect a person to confuse his jobs and mix and match, are making a complete mess out of all the things that they are doing at once. Mr Goyal is just built different. Let us have a look at the number of things that he is presently doing and successfully making a lot out of them all:

  • He runs the foundation called Myra foundation
  • Is the vendor for bikes and their body structures like Hero, Honda, Suzuki, Bajaj and Yamaha
  • Deputy Managing Director at Fairdeal Agencies, a distributorship
  • A guest lecturer at IIT as well as  IIM Owing to his post graduate degree from Harvard
  • Channel partner of Panasonic India

If you look around yourself, you will come across all the above mentioned bikes everyday. Have you ever imagined that who puts in the machines in those bikes so that they are working properly? Who makes sure that the external structure and the framework is made with great care, provided that it is durable? It is actually the responsibility of Lokesh Goyal. He is given this job, being the deputy managing director at fairdeal agencies has been one of the best things to have happened to him. His hard work, commitment and dedication has made him efficient over time. Mr Goyal Has also received a lot of prestigious awards from the government of Japan, ministry of Taiwan as well as Commerce Federation of Delhi.

What do you think the future has in store for him next? Is it going to pull through the monopoly of the structural machines in bikes or is it going to get involved in better opportunities? Whatever he does, he will surely be in a better position with time, that much is guaranteed. Surely, all his hard work is not going in vain because he has worked with a lot of diligence for the Panasonic active machinery and bike structures.