Jack Dean has aced the jewellery business and is aiming for more, read on to know more about him.

Jack Dean has aced the jewellery business and is aiming for more, read on to know more about him.

He has established ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’ which has emerged as the most reliable name in customized jewelry in UK.

Success comes to some at an early age, and we have seen many young entrepreneurs who have achieved the stars in spite of their inexperience. They have come up with their hard work and passion to make it big in the entrepreneurial world. These young achievers have proved that if one is focussed towards their goals, nothing can stop them from attaining the success that they desire. We have amongst us one such talented young entrepreneur who has impressed all with his success in his initial venture which has been gaining a wide customer base since its launch. We are talking about the young Jack Dean, who at 28 years of age has grown his jewellery business to newer heights and is moving ahead at a fast pace.

Originally from Sheffield, UK, Jack has established his jewellery company named ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’, which has emerged as a unique brand which specializes in customized jewellery. Leading his company as a CEO/founder, he has taken his brand in the top slot standing against the best branded jewellery companies of present times. Jack, who is a football enthusiast stepped into the world of entrepreneurship at a young age and created history within a few months of his ventures launch. “the journey towards the top was not as easy as it seems and there were a lot of hurdles and roadblocks during the initial phase. With no support or backing of any kind, it was really tough, but I didn’t lose hope and kept marching ahead and eventually waded through the troubled waters to emerge a winner,” says the young jewellery entrepreneur. For a year between 2018 and 2019, he visited jewellers in the North of the UK, buying and selling jewellery, and trying to learn the workings of the business in-depth. After a year of working in the field and making decent profits for a year, he finally decided to start his own business and ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’, was established.

The custom jewellery that Jack designs are unique and each piece is created to meet the needs of individual clients. His entire range is based on the football theme, and this makes a lot of professional football players and enthusiasts throng his outlet to get hold of their favourite piece of customized jewellery. The brand has grown beyond Europe and is now in demand in almost all parts of the world.

Jack Dean has proved that passion can take one places, and nothing beats hard work and determination which are bound to take you to the path of glory.

To know more about Jack’s work, follow him on Instagram@jackdean_