Jack Zuckowsky Chases Vision to Los Angeles

Jack Zuckowsky Chases Vision to Los Angeles

When Social Summit’s CEO Jack Zuckowsky moved to Los Angeles, it wasn’t to become famous. Despite the innumerable influencers and creators who flooded to California to chase fame, making it big on social media platforms or starting a career in the arts, Zuckowsky made the move from Nashville to L.A. to grow his social media marketing company.

Social Summit connects content creators and social media users to other accounts, helping them to find an active and engaged audience within their niche. By outlining a client’s target demographic, Social Summit markets their clients towards people who already like the content they produce. That way, the natural connection between an account and their followers comes from genuine human interest and forms a relationship that can’t be replicated by an empty follow.

It’s real people, not bots, that the company connects to its clients. Maybe that’s why Social Summit guarantees new users thousands of active followers with its service. Internet fame is hard to come by when it takes much more than a viral video for your name to be recognized, but Social Summit can connect users to real people who will be far more than an empty follow on your account.

You can find Jack Zuckowsky on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/jzuckowsky/

And check out Social Summit at https://www.socialsummit.biz/