The life story of Mixedbyac

The life story of Mixedbyac

Name: Anthony ‘Mixedbyac’ Carballo

Age: 23

Home town: Houston, Texas

Occupation: Mix Engineer and DJ

We are going to share the life story of 15 years old boy that never left his passion at any age. He was living in Houston and had a great interest in music. Accidentally, he started recording & mixing with a group of friends. The kid was unaware of music but only knew a bit, just like other kids of his age.   

As his interest gradually increases by his age, he set future goals and continue his studies. Most people graduate high school and get a job or they go to study to be a lawyer, doctor, nurse, etc but not in the case of Anthony ‘Mixedbyac’ Carballo. He completed his high school education and then moved to Orlando to work on his craft. He went to university out in Florida for a year and a half but later had to drop out cause of financial issues with the school.

First job:

He Then, got his first job at a local recording studio, where he got the music mixing engineer experience. He did well and continued his job to follow his dream. Here he also got the chance to meet some of the famous artists of the music industry.  

When he gained enough experience, he felt that he should take his craft seriously and go full-time freelancing. He use to work with different local orlando artists and get credited in town for his work. If we make a list of the artists, Aramis’s ’21 Girls’ made over millions Spotify streams with AC’s help. The other names are including:

       •      Tyla Yahweh

       •      SmokePurpp

       •      WHATUPRG

       •      Nobigdyl.

       •      Aaron Cole

       •      Skyxxx

       •      Richy Samo

Major success:

He is considering LOWERCASE TAPE of his recent best work, and it is an amazing collective of songs by Dyl. He also appears as a DJ for Aaron Cole early 2020 but since the Covid-19 Pandemic, live events and shows have been canceled. 

Do you want to find him?

It’s very easy to find him as he has a personal website and social media access. You can follow him on his Instagram account, twitter, or visit the real website. All you need is to click on the links and get direct access simply.  

Twitter: @mixedbyac

Instagram: @mixedbyAc


Currently, Anthony is working on his craft and wants to continue living his dream. He already had a lot of experiences that’ve helped him a lot in mixing music. It’s not easy to mix music, but it required a lot of expertise and love for music. It seems very easy to mix it and produce a new product. It’s not like that, and it may take days to finalize one solo song, and then after completing all the process, a final product gets ready for public review. We wish him luck with his future projects.