Jarred J. Rosenberg, CEO of Eros Entertainment

Jarred J. Rosenberg, CEO of Eros Entertainment

Jarred J. Rosenberg is a social media marketing expert and Founder/CEO of Eros Entertainment. Eros Entertainment is a full-service marketing agency that Jarred has built from the ground up. Countless hours and numerous late nights have gone into creating this company with the goal of “providing an outlet for artists, creators and brands to network, collaborate, grow and most importantly reach their fullest potential”.

Jarred started his marketing career while in college getting his MBA and PharmD – with a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, and a Doctorate, he is no stranger to hard work and dedication. His work has taken him all over the US – New York, Miami, and Chicago to name a few. Currently residing in CHI town, Jarred makes himself available for his clients and colleagues day and night.

Jarred has been building a team of motivated individuals to mentor and coach, drilling in the overarching mission that “Eros Entertainment is dedicated to bringing you a personalized marketing platform to fit your needs”. Helping people achieve financial freedom is something Jarred takes pride in.

The clientele Eros Entertainment brings in ranges from artists and public figures to athletes and brands from all over the world. Eros Entertainment is making its mark in the industry with Jarred J. Rosenberg being the man behind the movement.

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