​​Smitha Lee, South Carolina’s Best Filmmaker & Photographer

​​Smitha Lee, South Carolina’s Best Filmmaker & Photographer

Smitha Lee, also known as Lee Smith, is a filmmaker and photographer that lives in South Carolina. He started out as a dancer and actor for various productions. His love of storytelling brought him into film. Smitha Lee bought his first camera, a T2i, but quickly found out that lenses were more expensive, so he started photography. Since then, he has fallen in love with both photography and film.

His career started out with small production around the Greenville, South Carolina area. He currently employs two full-time workers that work in their arts. Smitha Lee is set to release a new project; a short film dealing with an older couple separated by love. His goal is to have a production company that hires 50% of South Carolina talent behind the camera. When we asked him what he enjoys about his business, he replied, “I love telling the stories of the undiscovered. At this portion in my life, I am meeting a lot of people who are still climbing the ladder. It’s great to see creatives in their pure form.”

It wasn’t always easy for Smitha Lee, who was working in a small market which is easily overlooked by Atlanta. He wants his clients to know that their brand or idea will always be well taken care of. He has collaborated with Javon Johnson from Tyler Perry’s “Oval” and hopes to one day work with YC Imaging.

To find out more about Smitha Lee, check out his Website, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and Youtube.

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