Jatinder Singh Walia: The Prominent Name In The Real Estate Industry

Jatinder Singh Walia: The Prominent Name In The Real Estate Industry

The era of Industrialization has opened up a lot of possibilities for human beings. Especially the real estate industry has witnessed an enormous amount of progress. Simultaneously, it has created a lot of competition among the new aspiring businessmen as well. Thus only a few individuals can make it big here and this article is about one of them. He is none other than Jatinder Singh Walia. Walia with years of experience and hardwork has become one of the prominent names in the real estate industry outside and inside India. Needless to say, he has become momentous in his country through his amazing talent. So here are some details about this talented person.

Jatinder Singh Walia expand his business to Dubai as well

Walia comes from a small town in Punjab. He completed his schooling and higher studies from the school and Colleges of Punjab. From a young age he has the aspiration to achieve something big in future. Indeed that dream has come true. Initially he started working as a builder in his hometown while purchasing higher studies. However, he takes the first step into success after starting his own real estate business. He has been notable for many prominent works in his hometown. Later on, he established his real estate business at Kapurthala and Jalandhar in Punjab. He came into prominence after founding Domino’s Pizza, which is a famous international pizza company venture in Kapurthala. Moreover, his empire also included many prominent properties in his hometown. One of the most renowned among them is Gurpax mall in Kapurthala.

Later on, Walia extended his empire internally as well. He founded numerous ventures of his business outside Dubai as well. He founded business set-up services, co-working space and rental car services in Dubai. This business venture has earned a lot of profit and made him shine even more in the industry of Dubai. It is undoubtedly his hardwork and amazing business strategy that makes his name unforgettable in the real estate industry.

In his 60s Walia didn’t have any plans of  retirement. His lavish lifestyle and numerous assets is the outcome of the empire he created on his own.Jatinder Singh Walia is an inspiration for every small town Indian who wanted to make big in the real estate industry.