“Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs”- the epitome of Talent, Business and Versatility

“Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs”- the epitome of Talent, Business and Versatility

By Nishant Piyush

Recognizing talent is one thing, and being passionate about it and taking it to greater extents is another. Not everyone is courageous enough to make a difference in their respective industries with their passion. And not everyone uses their talent the right way either. One such outshining example is Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs, a singer, a model and a master in finances – who is not only known for his multi-skills, but also for putting it to the right use.

Being a part of these appealing industries requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and ceaseless efforts to reach the top. And all three criteria have been seamlessly met by the brilliantly talented, Tamaskin.

Jeremy Tamaskin Hobbs publicly cheered as Tamaskin is a greeted man in the most loving industry nowadays, the music city. Belonging from such a great city of South Carolina- Charleston, he has worked all his life hard to accomplish his pursuits of making a place on the top record.

 As for Tamaskin, Oprah Winfrey came and took him under her wing. She has helped him understand all the ins and outs of money and financing and how to lead his brand to the top with the best music labels.

His eagerness to learn new things in context with his music is what makes him different from the lead. No matter if he is attending the Grammy Awards, buildboard music awards, or having dinner with many different celebrities, Tamaskin is always curious to grab all the good knowledge in any way possible regarding his music and his brand from the most powerful people in the world.

His take into finances and music is astounding and that is how he grabbed all the attention from the greatest brands with his platform and music labels. He has been seen showcasing his modelling charisma while promoting the best brands of the world such as Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Alexander Wang and Harper’s Baazar.

Needless to announce that with Tamaskin’s high degree of natural talent and an exceptional amount of passion and work ethic towards his love for music and finance, he will be a spectacle to listen to in this 21st era and of course is no way behind alluring the folks with his model face.

To be able to give it all for the mesmerizing industry calls for authenticity and rare talent that Tamaskin possesses. His take on the rhythm should have global recognition. A transition would be like a fresh breeze mixed with an immense passion for the music, modelling and finances, together it would be magical. Afterall “Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.”