Juned King – A Rising Youngest Entrepreneur In India & Musical Artists

Juned King is the CEO & Founder of ” MEDIA” a full service provided digital media agency company in india.
Juned King is a the youngest digital entrepreneur from india and he is just 25 year old boy from India. he is born on ?? 6 July 1995 in ??. he is saw his vision coming to reality. he mentioned that he somewhat near to the goal that he wants to achieved. he us giving all his efforts and time to of ” MEDIA” and what matters to him saw the most is his customers satisfaction, he his getting immensity positive review about this.

Juned King is one of the youngest digital entrepreneur of his country and musical artist. Juned King is just an 25 and lives , Faridabad

He was youngest when he started working as a digital marketers and contain creators and doing many more things without thinking of age as a bar. he is a social media influencer and Digital Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Musical Artist. he has gained immense success in the field. at the young age also, he has a strong network and many people know him and praises him for his working.

Juned King just lately he has composed music. lots of his music with nice musicians and composed music. just lately considered one of his albums “alfalano” TMM develop into extremely popular. Juned King is an Indian Musical artist and his music on Spotify.