Justin Townsend aka Big Smokey and the Big Smokey Dynasty

Justin Townsend aka Big Smokey and the Big Smokey Dynasty

What do you do when you acquire huge financial success, an enormous social media following, and a cool nickname? Build an empire, of course! Justin “Big Smokey” Townsend has plans to expand his already impressive catalogue of businesses into what he deems the “Big Smokey Dynasty”.

Driven by his hunger for success, Justin has been on a mission to satisfy it. At 33 years of age, he’s already tackled the cannabis industry and the clothing industry. Those two businesses alone have garnered him major celebrity endorsement, 15 prestigious awards for best-in-class products, and a boatload of financial success. But as the dynasty expands, more businesses are being built.

Justin already has two BBQ restaurants in full swing, and has plans to grow the chain in the future. He’s also starting a music label called Big Smokey Productions. One of the most impressive things about Justin is that not only does he own more businesses than you can count on one hand, but he also manages to coach his kids’ sports teams at the same time. Simply incredible. The Big Smokey Dynasty is one to watch.

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