KCS Technologies Inc. is planning to hire 1000 new employees worldwide

KCS Technologies Inc. is planning to hire 1000 new employees worldwide

When the whole world is struggling to cope up with COVID – 19 pandemic, KCS Technologies Inc., is planning to hire 1000+ new employees worldwide. You may be amazed to know this but it is true, and a great news for all those who are scared of their future after the coronavirus pandemic subsides.

You must be surprised to know this, because most companies are firing their employees due to the crisis, and believe we were also equally surprised. So, we thought of interacting with the company to talk about the same. Luckily, we got to communicate with the top-notch employees of KCS Technologies.

In a statement, Director, KCS Technologies Inc., Subramanyam said, “Many businesses are affected due to the coronavirus crisis world-wide. However, the ones which are using the digital methods of business are able to survive and even perform better than earlier. Lucky we are as we are also using the modern techniques of business because of which we are able to perform even during this crisis.”

While Prasanta Mishra, Vice President, KCS Technologies Inc. EMEA said, “Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, KCS Technologies EMEA has started to get better business online. Our employees are working from home, but that hasn’t affected our employees’ determination to close the deals. They are working as hard as they used to do before the pandemic. Probably that’s the reason we are able to announce new hiring in the next three months.”

Subalakshmi, HR, KCS Technologies Inc. said, “On a daily basis I am getting requests across world-wide branches of KCS Technologies to enroll new team members in the sales and R&D department. Of course, it is a matter of pride for KCS family as all of them are giving their 100% even when they have to work under different conditions altogether.”

It is really great news, especially in these gloomy days. KCS Technologies is successfully delivering its digital solutions worldwide and also helping people to GO DIGITAL. KCS is hiring across all its offices worldwide, including Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.

We also got to speak to the CEO of KCS Technologies, Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula, who has a reputation of building the teams. He is a super expert in growing teams from 2 digits to 500+ and more. In a statement, Venkata Kiran said, “We are glad to make this announcement, especially during this crisis. I believe it will work as the ray of hope in the lives of many people, especially the ones who have lost their job because of this crisis.”

Let’s hope many more companies come forward to help people worldwide and help people make the difference.