Kendall Joshua aka KJTheRevolution is Changing How Her Fans Look at the English Language

New York artist Kendall Joshua, also known by her stage name “KJTheRevolution,” has started making a name for herself as a lyrical hip hop artist with a healthy dose of fresh and original sounds. Paired up with her poetic lyricism and unique instrumentals, Joshua hopes to help her fans to look deeper at the way we perceive the English language.

Joshua told us, “One of my things is that I believe in the power of words.” The example she uses is the common phrase “Good Morning.” While many use it as a greeting with a positive connotation, with the addition of a single letter, the phrase becomes “Good Mourning,” changing the meaning to be filled with grieving and sadness. “As a rapper and as someone who writes, I notice things about language all the time, and want my listeners to pay attention to it as well.”

“In English there are so many double entendres and double meanings that when we think we say something good we can flip it. And realize it could have meant something we didn’t mean to say.” Joshua has used her examination of the English language in her lyricism, and she encourages her listeners to be mindful of nuances in everyday speech, and see how subtleties could have impacts on one’s mindset.

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