Know more about shipping cars to Germany

Know more about shipping cars to Germany

Did you know? The first TNT shipment took place in 1946. But it was perhaps different than you would have imagined. Because like with many well-known logistics companies, the history of TNT started with a dream. In this case, the dream of a single man with his truck. It is the story of Ken Thomas. The then 33-year-old founded KW Transport in Australia with just one truck. Thomas initially specializes in trips between Melbourne and Sydney. The company grows quickly and so in the 1950s not only the offer for nationwide transports changed but also the name. With Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT), companies now have a contact for logistics across the country. The transport company All-trans, which was founded almost simultaneously, also benefits from the rapidly increasing inquiries in the logistics sector. Both companies merged in 1967 under the name TNT. By merging the logistical network and the customer base, the merger created a competitive company that could continue to grow up to 90 years.

Simply use Shipping a Car to Germany for a better overview! Due to the wide range of options when shipping with TNT, it is difficult to make blanket statements. The selection of different shipping methods, time slots, and destinations is much too large. In addition, additional tariffs such as a TNT International Express or a pickup from home can affect the prices of a shipment. So if you want to convince yourself of all the offers of the carrier TNT and the shipping with them, you have the option of individually matching data in the shipping cost calculator to enter and receive relevant offers in real-time. The live price preview also enables quick comparison of additional options, since offers adapt automatically and you do not have to start over from the beginning. With these innovative features, jumping would also like to help frequent shoppers with the selection of suitable tariffs as well as with shipping preparation. Is your shipment already on the way? With our TNT tracking, you can easily check where your delivery is.

For the exact measurement of postage costs

A shipping scale is a letter or parcel scale that is used to determine the postage due in the outbox. Letter scales are usually designed as bench scales and have various attachments, for example for standing envelopes. A parcel scale, on the other hand, has a higher weighing range and is usually designed as a platform scale with a separate control panel. A shipping scale can basically also be used in other areas.

Shipping scales are optimized to weigh letters, parcels, and parcels so that the user can reliably and accurately calculate the postage costs. After all, nobody likes to pay too much. Quite apart from the fact that under-franked shipments do not reach their destination. Especially in larger companies with inevitably high mailing volumes, shipping scales are increasingly used due to their speed and precision. Due to the flat design and the low weight, shipping scales can be used easily and conveniently in different locations in the company, e.g. in the warehouse or office. Furthermore, most models have the choice between mains or battery operation, which increases the flexibility in the installation location.