Kevin Sacchi ~ An incredibly splendid Italian Social Media Manager

Kevin Sacchi ~ An incredibly splendid Italian Social Media Manager

Kevin Sacchi is not just a name but a brand in himself. He is an amazing persona with an idea of success that is very disparate from other youngsters of his age. Kevin believes in keep learning and transforming oneself. He is a man with a crystal clear vision of never letting his inner spirit down as he evolved from being bullied in his early age to becoming an immensly talented persona of Italy.

Kevin Sacchi is a 20 year old youngster with a passion and determination for his work. When the names of top Italian social media managers are taken it is Kevin who tops the list everytime. His path was not always easy, he worked extremely hard to make the things go right and as per his planning. He was much inclined towards the entertainment and thus he did a diploma course in Computer science, and made his way clear for social networks understanding them better the mechanisms at a technical level. Initially he worked as a stunt artist for few movies because of his martial arts talents.
His very idiosyncratic quality of believing in one self and never giving up, rose him to the heights of success when he stepped in the world of social networking. And in no time soon his name got included among the country’s top influencers and he got fame soon. The platform like Triller(Music Video App) observing his tremendous following and success, declared him as their official ambassador in Italy.

Kevin is presently engaged in a lot of projects involving brand and social media management. His influential popularity makes him one of the most in-demand brand influencers and social media managers in Italy. His current projects revolve around managing the branding and images of several big companies, brands, restaurants, shops, etc. His disciplined way of planning makes him one of the best in the digital entrepreneurship. Despite of this, he has been involved in projects with renowned brands such as Adidas, Nike, Rolex, and Supreme and the list is unending. With time, his scope and areas of work are only getting bigger and better. . He was considered for “The Best Italian Social Media Manager” award for his extraordinary and impeccable social media management record. One unique and the first of its kind award to his name that he received this year is “The first INKFLUENCER in the World” award.

His inkfluence can be clearly seen by looking at his social media handles like Instagram which are crossing the follower Fan club rapidly, who actively follow him. Being such an influential persona has given him many chances and he got featured on several International sites such as FamousBirthday, IMDB, imposing magazines such as WEBSTARS MAGAZINE (Panini publishing house), radio important, international Apps such as (Akinator) and on tv on sky 124 in the series ‘Impractical Jokers’.

We wish him all the luck and success, may he keep continuing his path with shining stard ahead.