Kinglory technology drives the development of blockchain ecology

Kinglory technology drives the development of blockchain ecology

KinGlory blockchain

KinGlory creates a reliable computing infrastructure and a holistic ecosystem that allows a large-scale deployment of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

The KinGlory ecosystem includes a decentralized application store, blockchain software, and the basic blockchain infrastructure.

Applications on the KinGlory blockchain are transparent and have an open-source code. This allows you to fork the code and re-use the functionality and elements of already used blockchains.

The modular system of blocks on the blockchain makes it possible, at the discretion of developers, to create and configure applications on the blockchain, depending on their own needs.

The main value of KinGlory is a secure, high-performance, and highly accessible infrastructure that can simultaneously process a large number of transactions at a speed of 1000 transactions per second.

The multi-level transaction system allows scaling, while interacting with other dapps on blockchain and making payments between dapps.

Due to the possibility of making parallel payments, even with the maximum load of the system, the transaction confirmation time does not increase and the blockchain is able to withstand the load from the continuous operation of a large number of applications located on it.

KinGlory technologies allow various dapps located on the blockchain to interact between each other. They are able to simultaneously make transactions from various applications, such as messenger, video sharing, file sharing, multi-user online meetings, etc.

KinGlory global storage

KinGlory provides high-availability global storage services to support historical, archival data, and new data created every day.

This ensures that all data is stored in a secure place, they are fault-tolerant.  KinGlory supports global storage of information by the end-user, transaction book, photos, videos, files, real-time backup of mobile data and desktop data, etc.

Advantages of KinGlory blockchain

KinGlory uses reliable cryptography to protect account information, messages, and personal data of users from hackers or other unauthorized persons.

Many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, consume energy for mining, which creates environmental problems. KinGlory has implemented a special POS consensus protocol for mining, which is characterized by low power consumption, low cost, and strong decentralization.

KinGlory supports the development of smart contracts using various programming languages, such as Java, C++, Rust, etc. which makes it extremely easy to deploy smart contracts on the blockchain.

KinGlory offers the simplest trusted computing environment for dapps, which offers to install applications on the blockchain easily. Programming optimization allows simple integration of existing dapps into the KinGlory ecosystem.

KinGlory provides a universal blockchain structure and building blocks for installing dapps for all users. A universal smart contract system and a large library allow developers to deploy individual smart contracts based on templates and demo samples.

Many of these smart contracts are functional programming language components and API services are available to the public. The KinGlory architecture provides maximum separation of internal infrastructure blocks and supports flexible infrastructure updates in real-time.


The KinGlory ecosystem is based on the blockchain created by it, which allows users to safely deploy dapps, make payments between applications almost instantly, and create their own tokens.

The KinGlory blockchain is fast, secure, and cheap to use. The transparency of the blockchain lets people to track transactions in the network and increases the trust of users in the system. DAO elements offer token holders to make important decisions in the life of the project and participate in the community ecosystem.

These are just some of the elements of the blockchain that make it publicly available, secure, convenient, and easy to use. The KinGlory blockchain is suitable for both ordinary users and dapp developers.

KinGlory ecosystem

KinGlory has created a fast, convenient, affordable, and scalable blockchain to support DeFi, social networks, e-commerce, search engine, and storage.

Thanks to the presence of a modular system, block constructor and a library of smart contracts, the deployment of dapps on the KinGlory blockchain is available to all developers, regardless of their level of knowledge. All dapps are easily customizable and flexible, suitable for any needs of users.

Today, banking services are not available to billions of people for various reasons. They cannot open bank accounts, payments are not available to them.

At the same time, banking services are usually not available to the poorest and most vulnerable segments of the population. Many of these people are forced to leave for other countries to work and send money to their relatives.

DeFi products

The only opportunity for them to make payments to their loved ones is cryptocurrencies. KinGlory provides such an opportunity. Thanks to KinGlory’s DeFi products, all users of the system are equal, regardless of their citizenship, country of residence, level of education, and wealth.

By connecting to the Internet, anyone can send, receive, borrow, profit, and transfer funds anywhere in the world.

KinGlory gives you the opportunity to get access to “free” Internet services, safely store your information and personal data, giving up control over personal data, and not being afraid that your data will be stolen or used in any way without consent.

KinGlory services are open by default – you just need a wallet. They are free and easy to set up, managed by you, and work without any personal information.

KinGlory and its applications are transparent and open source. You can fork the code and reuse functions already created by others.


The NFT market offers unlimited opportunities for further development. Modern NFTs are not only profitable tools for authors, creators of works, musicians, players, and various collectors, but it is also an excellent mechanism for tracking and controlling any thing, document or asset.

Thanks to the tokenization of assets using NFT, you can track anything, such as a building, a car, a spare part, or antiques. By creating a unique NFT you can track any important document, or rare collectible item.

Thanks to the blockchain and NFT, nothing will be lost, and you will be able to find out the whole history of this thing, whether it is a work of art, a house, or a car. NFT authors can receive royalties when they are resold.

The possibilities of NFT are limitless and KinGlory allows you to implement them.