Know About Dimas Cintron

Know About Dimas Cintron

My name is Dimas Armani Cintron, an up and coming musician from Cleveland, Ohio. I have over 20 songs released across different channels, sharing my experience and emotional struggle.

Before I became the musician I am today, I used to be a professional basketball player. I also tried my hand at acting and landed a gig at HBO as an extra.

However, I had to put all that on permanent hold following the tragic death of my 7-year old son to brain cancer (rest his soul). He was a true warrior, and his death left a massive hole in my heart, one I never thought I would ever be able to heal. 

I almost lost the very purpose of life. However, I have to say that I received plenty of support from family and friends in what was one of the darkest moments of my life. I believe no parent should undergo what I went through.

That is when I decided to channel my emotions and dark experiences into music. My son’s precious memory lives on as a shining beacon of hope and encouragement to parents (and anyone) suffering from a similar tragedy through music. 

Reason Why I Make Music

To say that my life turned upside down following my son’s death would be a huge understatement. The grief was immeasurable. It is not something I would wish on my worst enemies. I had lost the most precious thing in my life. It was easy to give up on life and retreat to my shell. However, I had steely determination to rise above this inexplicable loss. That is when I decided to do something to honor my son’s memory and inspire those who’ve had their loved ones taken away by cancer.

I opened the nonprofit organization, Dimas Armani Cintron Foundation, to honor my son and raise awareness about the illness. I also chose to harness my creativity into music to spread positivity and hope to people suffering losses.

Through my music, I wish to express my emotions and speak hope and encouragement to anyone grieving due to the burden of disease, loss, and tragedy. I make music to speak my mind and show people that we can indeed rise above personal demise and continue living instead of just existing. It’s not easy, but it is certainly possible. I aspire to be a shining example through my music.

Who I Do it For

I make music for people who need inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. My music speaks from the heart and provides a message of perseverance to those fighting grief and loss. When we lose our loved ones, especially how I lost my son, it is easy to give up and put our lives on hold. Through my music, I seek to help people overcome that monumental challenge and get back on their feet.

I hope to continue using my creativity to ease the pain and burden of those tired and downtrodden from fighting disease and losing their loved ones. 

Anyone wishing to contact me for my music or help my nonprofit organization can do so on my website