What to Know Before Buying CNC Machine Tool

What to Know Before Buying CNC Machine Tool

Before finalizing the purchase of a CNC machine tool, you must take note of a few factors that will play an important role in your manufacturing work. 

The most commonly used CNC machines range from horizontal to vertical milling machines and from 5 axis machining centers to multi-axis turning centers. They come in a wide range of functions, sizes, and performances.

They come in different axes and dimensions with varied automation and quality levels, CNC machines are an important capital in the manufacturing business.

So if you are looking for the right machine tool, but has very little knowledge about it, the following tips by Hi Tech Machinery Inc. will help you guide to the perfect one.

Points to Consider Before Buying a CNC Machine tool

  • Know the Requirement of your Project

This is the most important factor that must be embedded in your mind before buying the CNC machine tool. You should be clear about the assessment that will help you in the present and future production needs. This way you will avoid falling trap to oversized machine or undersized machine.

To make it more clear, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What are the materials and parts that you want the machine to produce?
  2. What is the precision level required for those parts?
  3. How many axes will I require?
  4. How will I balance between accuracy, speed, price, and flexibility? At times, if you opt for a slow model, it will provide you with greater accuracy at a much lower price.
  5. What will be the different complexity, grades, and sizes of materials will I be working with?

These questions will help you decide the exact capabilities and performance, that will be needed for your industry.

  • Consider the Type of Machine

You will be introduced to varied types of machines. But you must choose only that which will play the right and perfect role and suit your manufacturing business.

If you are considering for used CNC machines for sale near me, then ensure to look for the following factors.

  1. Shapes, materials, and dimensions of the parts that are needed to be manufactured.
  2. Cycles production and the time taken for turnaround. For instance, large vs small-batch processing
  3. Working space size which includes tool size, table size, tool change time, and chuck size
  4. The varied tool holders’ types
  5. The capacity of the tool and the performance and power of the machine spindle
  6. Automation degree and the control needed for the machine
  7. Compatibility with various design programs and existing CAM software
  8. Machining axes in number
  9. Machines flexibility and its cycle time
  • Understand the Price of the CNC Machine Tool

It is a known fact that the CNC machine tool comes as a very expensive investment for the industry. It may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

When you are working tightly with your budget, you must lookout for the options that you require the most. Most of the CNC machines come with common options with added options for selection.

Also, you will have to consider the quality, production output, and price. You may think a low-cost machine will be right for your business, but it will slow its performance and speed. Also, if you opt for a high-tech machine, but is not required for your business, then it will affect the bottom line as well.

  • Understand the Spare Parts and Maintenance Costs

Most of the time, the cost of the parts and maintenance are overlooked. If you want the right machine tool, then you will have to work closely with the investment cost.

For instance, if you consider a cheaper machine, you will actually be spending more over its lifetime. Regular breakdowns, poor quality, etc will affect your business in the long term. 

This is the most important factor that must be embedded in your mind before buying the CNC machine tool.

  • The originality of the Machine and its Components

The buyers of machine tools will try their best to buy the finest machine parts at the most affordable price. The machines that are made in technologically advanced countries have a higher ability for durability and quality. Though it will be priced a little high, it will prove its money worth from its performance and longer lifespan. Besides the origin, you must also lookout where the parts are modeled and assembled.

Always buy only from that place which has a strong background in the machine. You will surely pay a little more, but it will all be worth its price and reward you in the long term.