Kronatix Makes A Big Name For Himself

Kronatix Makes A Big Name For Himself

Below you can find some statements made by Instagram Famous Kronatix! His Instagram will be at the end of the article!

I make beats, I mix and master my beats on FL studio. I used to use the DAW Reaper when I first started a couple of years ago. I then moved onto Fruity Loops and have been using that ever since. I’ve been making music ever since a child, playing the drums, piano, flute, and other instruments.

When I was younger I would listen to dubstep and I dreamed about making this incredible music. When I got older I began to chase that dream by making beats. I make music to express my creativity, not only do I make my beats but I also make my own designs which are on SoundCloud and other various platforms. It’s fun, I enjoy getting the chance to make something new with the possibility of it being used by an artist who likes it.

“Making music is inspirational to me. It gives me the motivation to strive for a dream. It gives me hope that one day I can achieve a dream that I’ve had since a child. It inspires me and inspires the people that I connect with.

Getting to connect with new people is a great part about making music, you get to connect with people that have the same similarities and get to build off each other. I’ve connected with a lot of great people through making music. This gives me the motivation to continue making music, it’s fun and I enjoy connecting with new people.”

Instagram: @kingkronatix