KRYSO And ASH Share Heart touching Music Video ‘A love Song For You’

KRYSO And ASH Share Heart touching Music Video ‘A love Song For You’

 Since its release, “Love Song For You” has had more than 100k global streams. It serves as KRYSO & Ash First single of the year. He has Explained relationships where you should be experiencing the amazing feelings of love but just aren’t. You’re in a relationship that just doesn’t feel like it belongs.”

KRYSO says “I’m so happy that this song is finally out,”This collaboration  came from a very honest place and I think we all felt how special it was the day I composed it. I love that it turned out to be a song that you want to Listen to, how KRYSO & Ash made it feel so soothing and peaceful with his production on top of it. Its best combination of Indian and western sounds.

KRYSO says “It’s a pressure I maintain upon myself, to deliver something bigger and better than my previous  release . I just want to continue delivering the best Music for my fans and my audience, to keep revealing little pieces of me every time,” he said.

The music video was shot in Goa Because  he wanted it to get a very international feel with look and execution. He sat and scripted with Sanket who is a very talented director, and felt super amazing vibes while working with him. He luckily  met Ruhi the Dj and Model and very good friend of Kryso whom they have casted.

Video looks Awesome and it’s Getting viral day by day.