Things to Do for Children in Jacksonville

Things to Do for Children in Jacksonville

So, Jacksonville, Florida, is huge. You may not have known it, but Jacksonville is actually the largest city in the United States by area. It’s also the most populous city in Florida.

All of this might lead you to believe that the city isn’t really that great for children, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Jacksonville is indeed a huge city, but there’s plenty to do for children and adults alike.

If you’ve been searching for Jacksonville houses for sale and wondering what you can do with your kids here, read on. Here are three of our recommendations.

Tree Hill Nature Center

The Tree Hill Nature Center is located right in the middle of Jacksonville, but it’s a far cry from the bustling urban core of the city. The nature center is 50 acres of nature that are protected from modern infiltration. Visitors can explore the gardens, forests, and swamplands, as well as the indoor learning center, which features wildflowers, exhibits, and an amphitheater for shows.

MOSH! The Museum of Science and History

The MOSH! Museum of Science and History is a place where families can learn about science and the history of the Jacksonville area. Fun exhibits for all ages include Brain Teasers and Dinosaurs Unearthed. And let’s be honest, what kids don’t like learning about dinosaurs through fossils and full-sized models? Visitors can also check out some educational shows at the museum’s Bryan-Gooding Planetarium. The museum also has a live event calendar that you can check out for special presentations.

Jacksonville Public Library

We end our journey with another educational opportunity for the kids: the Jacksonville Public Library. This downtown library is among the largest of its kind in the state of Florida. The library system has 20 branches throughout Florida, but this main one in Jacksonville holds a million books and hundreds of computers. You can also eat Shelby’s Cafe while you’re visiting. The Jacksonville Public Library has a ton of books that children and adults will enjoy, so make sure to stop by to keep your kids entertained for hours!

From the museums to the restaurants to the botanical gardens and natural areas, Jacksonville is a city where no one can be bored, certainly no kid. It might be the largest city in the country, but don’t feel threatened: Jacksonville is perfectly safe for kids, and it’ll keep parents entertained, too. So don’t wait: go check out this city now!