Lady Gaga will beat you even in a COVID-19 pandemic

Lady Gaga will beat you even in a COVID-19 pandemic

On the off chance that the 2020 VMAs were worked for one artist, it’s Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta — who came in with nine nominations and has just won various awards, as well as just delivered the performance of the night.

Since, well, who better than Lady Gaga to see pandemic limitations and transform them into a chance? They don’t consider her a MTV Tricon to no end (wait, do they call her that?).

Gaga played out a variety of melodies off her superbly inept dance-pop album Chromatica, including “911,” “Rain on Me,” and “Stupid Love.” It was her first Video Music Awards performance since 2013, and immediately something to really remember.

She performed on an undeniably Chromatica-period stage, flanked by masked dancers and wearing robotic light-up masks herself — to compliment her three separate lewks, obviously.

That guaranteed Ariana Grande linkup washed our concerns away during “Rain on Me,” before Gaga reappeared to belt out a balladized “Stupid Love,” playing a brain piano, as no one but she could.

She cut the performance for a brisk piece of motivation, telling watchers, “I want you to love yourself tonight and every night. Celebrate yourself. Love who you are. Be kind, mask up, be brave and braver all the time.”

At that point she shouted, “make it stupid!”, the beat kicked in, and we were cleaning our tears away and dancing in our living rooms. Shortly afterward, Lady Gaga was back in front of an audience tolerating the Moonperson for artist of the year. She’ll likewise acknowledge her Tricon award from Bella Hadid later this evening.