Lamar Jackson says he’s despite everything trusting Baltimore Ravens sign Antonio Brown

Lamar Jackson says he’s despite everything trusting Baltimore Ravens sign Antonio Brown

As the Baltimore Ravens begin training camp, Lamar Jackson is as yet keeping his fingers crossed that the group will sign mercurial All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown.

“I was hoping we would get him,” Jackson said Wednesday. “I’m still hoping — a little bit.”

In April, Jackson worked out with Brown, who is the cousin of Ravens first-round pick Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. Jackson later said he would be “happy” if Baltimore signed the seven-time Pro Bowl wideout.

On Wednesday, Jackson repeated his position on Antonio Brown.

“We want to win, and I can tell in him [that] he wants to win,” Jackson said. “He wants to play ball.”

Ravens authorities have never indicated any public interest in Brown and have over and over attempted to obfuscate the circumstance when gotten some information about Brown, never at any point referencing him by name in their reactions. In April, Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta said he would keep his considerations about Brown “in-house.” In May, DeCosta named every skill-position player on the Ravens program when examined concerning the group’s interest in Brown before including, “We’re excited about those guys.”

The expansion of Brown shows up improbable on the grounds that it would take a significant change in Baltimore’s philosophy. Since 2015, proprietor Steve Bisciotti has said the Ravens would avoid players with abusive behavior at home from quite a while ago. That policy goes back to when running back Ray Rice was cut after a video of him hitting his future spouse got public.

A previous coach of Brown’s has recorded a claim charging she was explicitly ambushed by Brown on numerous events. He likewise was blamed for sexual unfortunate behavior by a craftsman who was working at his home in 2017. The NFL has been examining Brown under its own lead strategy.

A week ago, Brown composed an Instagram post in which he demonstrated that he needs to play in the NFL again and encouraged the league to determine its examination.

Jackson said he’s never had an issue with Brown.

“I just feel, around us, he was a great guy,” Jackson said. “You don’t see anything going on at all. He’s a cool, down-to-earth guy. He’s passionate about the sport of football.”

Jackson was the consistent NFL MVP last season in leading the Ravens to a league-best 14-2 record. Be that as it may, the Ravens have one of the most youthful wide receiver groups in the NFL. Eight of Baltimore’s 10 recipients are 25 or more youthful, and nobody is older than 27.

Brown, 32, was the NFL’s most productive receiver from 2013 to 2018, leading the league in catches (686), receiving yards (9,145) and touchdown catches (67). However, he hasn’t played in a NFL game since the New England Patriots released him following a Week 2 triumph in Miami in September.

In their throwing session, Jackson was intrigued with Brown’s hard working ethic. As indicated by Jackson, Brown lifted loads when their exercise.

“There’s no quit with him,” Jackson said. “That’s the type of guy we need in our locker room. I feel like the locker room here is different than any other locker room. There’s a brotherhood going on. None of that outside noise. It’s strictly inside.”