Latundria Miller, Better Known as 387, Has Turned Music Into a Career Against All Odds

Latundria Miller, Better Known as 387, Has Turned Music Into a Career Against All Odds

Many people avoid confrontation, challenge, and adversity. Others, like Latundria Miller, known by her stage name 387, stare them down and make something great out of nothing. Getting her start making beats in the back room of a trailer home, 387 knew it would be a long road ahead; however, thanks to her fiery passion and work ethic, she’s been paving a smooth road through the music industry.

The Louisville, MS, rapper has been doing things her way, and it’s been paying off. Growing a fanbase thanks to her lyricism, songwriting, and production talents, 387 has been making moves as both a musician and a businesswoman that’s propelling her forward. Releasing her music from her own label, 387 Entertainment, the female hip-hop artist gained the attention of Bentley Records, where she is now signed. 387 is also no stranger to bringing her talents to the live set, performing at venues, tours, and personal bookings all over the world. She has done this both solo and in collaboration with notable names like Webbie, Fox A Million, Pastor Troy, Bobby Valentino, and Studdy Stu.

In addition to her musical success, 387 is also seeing success with her music label and has in the works both a clothing line and a shoe line set to be released soon. Throughout various business ventures and musical success, 387 has truly beaten the odds and is well on her way to greatness.

More music is to come as well, as 387 has stated that she has multiple projects waiting and in progress to be released at an unannounced date. To keep tabs on 387’s journey, you can find her at the links below.

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