Learn How Dmitry Dubrov Overcomes stress as an Entrepreneur

Learn How Dmitry Dubrov Overcomes stress as an Entrepreneur

Dmitry Dubrov is a photographer and entrepreneur who’s works have given many individuals around the world the inspiration to move forward.

In this article, Dmitry shares some of the tips he’s used to overcome stress and achieve success over the years. Let’s have a look.

Achieving Success

Everyone wants a taste of success even if it’s the slightest bit of it. It is our ultimate goal. But how does one go about attaining success? 

For Dmitry, one of the most crucial habits you’ll need to achieve success is to practice what you preach. Dmitry’s mantra is to think and create a plan in his mind first before he implements it. And he never falters on this. Anytime he undertakes a new project, he makes sure to put this into practice.

Warding Off Stress

Stress is something we all face. It can be caused by a variety of reasons; a job interview, a speech, or maybe something as simple as hanging out with friends.

As an entrepreneur, Dmitry admits that he often experiences burnout and stress. Whenever this happens, one thing he does is to stay off social media; he goes on a digital detox. This helps him stay relaxed and get away from some of the negativity he finds online.

Apart from this, Dmitry also engages in mindfulness exercises such as working out. This keeps him productive and healthy. He explains that it also helps him feel good about himself and clears his mind.

Overcoming Obstacles 

When he was a 19-year-old, disaster struck in Dmitry’s life; his mother was diagnosed with stage two cancer. This eventually led to a lack of financial resources in their home due to the fact that she stopped working. Money was needed for treatment and Dmitry knew he had to find a way. So he set out to create his own opportunity.

Although a lot of bad things we’re going on at the time, Dmitry was very happy to get the opportunity to be creative again.  He was enthusiastic and ready to quickly achieve his goals. Dmitry went on to become a very successful entrepreneur and since then he’s not encountered any major obsta