Live Events, Loyal Clientele, Exclusive Selection – Avi Hiaeve is revolutionizing American Luxury Watch Boutique Culture

How Avi Hiaeve has redefined luxury watch culture

Not long ago, watches were just an instrument that told time – there was no prestige or importance attached to them. Nowadays, watches are no longer just timepieces; they are a fashion statement and are just as important as designer bags. Watches are now spoken of in the same breath as other expensive accessories such as Birkin bags or Louboutin shoes. Companies such as Avi Hiaeve have realized the demand for luxurious watches and invested in the business.

Avi Hiaeve was founded in 2009 by businessman Avi Hiaeve. Hiaeve’s love for watches started when he was really young, as he grew up with a father who was a skilled watchmaker. He loved having unique watches that his friends at school could admire. In 2002, his family moved to New York, and his father set up a watchmaking and repair shop in Long Island. Hiaeve would help his father out after school and on weekends, and with time he learnt the basics of watchmaking. He later started working for a relative who owned a jewelry store in Manhattan and learnt the art of selling luxurious watches. In 2009, he finally opened his luxury watch store, Avi Hiaeve, in Midtown Manhattan.

Avi Hiaeve’s clientele is the elite in society, from celebrities to elite athletes and wealthy individuals who love luxurious items.

“Most of my regular clients are repeat clients. The new ones are usually referrals who are referred to Avi Hiaeve by my regular clients. The quality of my watches speaks for itself.”

Avi Hiaeve deal in the most luxury watch brands in the world. From rare Patek Philippe pieces to Rolex watches and the expensive Richard Mille ones, the store has all the watches you need. Avi Hiaeve often hosts private cocktail events attended by famous names and hosted by celebrities such as Jamie Foxx to showcase watches. These events have become popular among celebrities, with everyone angling for an invite to these exclusive parties.

Luxury watches have become the new must-have accessory, and Avi Hiaeve are leading the way in providing them for their clients.