Melina Taj: From Following Her Passion to Establishing Herself as a Leading Instagram Star

Melina Taj: From Following Her Passion to Establishing Herself as a Leading Instagram Star

Building a career as a beauty influencer is a dream come true. With persistence, hard work, dedication, and a lot of honesty, influencers can find their unique audiences by delivering helpful and inspiring content. With thousands of products marketed to us daily, beauty influencers have capitalized on the premise that we all need a little help to use them effectively. Beauty influencer Melina Taj has an incredible passion for do-it-yourself beauty. She has built a massive following with her fun and approachable social media presence. 

M​elina Taj is an influencer, creator, and makeup artist on YouTube and Instagram. Her videos and tutorials cover everything beauty-related from looks to products to skincare. Known as the most influential beauty expert in Iran, Melina attracted over 1 million followers on Instagram thanks to her authenticity. “I have a very close and intimate relationship with my followers,” says Melina. “This type of relationship is important because not only does it build engagement, it also builds trust.” Melina understands that trust is the stepping stone to a career as an influencer. For your audience to value your expertise, it must be valuable in the first place. 

M​elina’s followers particularly love her makeup tutorials and homemade masks. “Skincare doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive for it to work,” explains Melina. “Often, all the things we need for glowing skin are right in our kitchens.” Melina shows her followers how to make DIY facemasks that solve every skin woe from acne to dryness. “My strategy has always been solutions-focused this way when products do fit into that my followers know it is advice they can trust.”

N​ot only has Melina built a considerable following, but she has also developed a career for herself. Brands and organizations took notice of Melina’s influence, inviting her to host her own masterclass in Istanbul and landing her sponsorships from top brands, including Clarins, Victoria’s Secret, and nyx cosmetics. Awarded a Master of Makeup degree from the French Makeup Studio Melina has tremendous influence in the beauty world on social media and beyond. 

“​When I look back on my journey, I am so grateful for the success I have been blessed with because this is something I love doing,” states Melina. “Social media is a great field because you get to be in touch with so many people, and in return, they have touched my life.” Melina always looks towards her following for inspiration. She delivers content that makes the viewer feel it was carefully created just for them. According to Melina, that is precisely how it should be.