Liz Kennedy on the challenges and rewards of forging your own path in life

Liz Kennedy on the challenges and rewards of forging your own path in life

The world of social media is filled with beauty influencers, however, none of them have had an impact on society like Liz Kennedy has. Kennedy is a voice for all women, shattering stigmas and empowering women along the way. Kennedy first arrived on the beauty scene when she was featured for a number of different beauty products, she later her became a famous on-air TV host. Kennedy has dedicated herself to serve as an influence for women from all different angles of life, using herself as an example that women can be both entrepreneurs and mothers.

Kennedy says that women in contemporary society are faced with a losing proposition from the start, as mainstream society often limits them to one of two spaces- be a nice girl and a future mother, or be a work-driven and career obsessed workaholic. Kennedy was raised by a single mother, and she wants to reshape the predominant way of thinking- that women cannot be both mothers and successful entrepreneurs.

Women face pressures that exceed social norms, as they are increasingly more susceptible to violence than men. Regardless of such bothersome trends, women still feel the need to make men feel pleasure, as well as a sense of comfort. They do this by trying to comply with unreasonable beauty standards, all while trying to avoid being labeled as irrational or emotional.

In order to break this perpetuating cycle, Kennedy uses her time and energy to giving deserving women a transformative makeover. Kennedy is fully aware that she cannot be the exclusive driving force for change, nevertheless, she spends a lot of time maximizing her value by teaching women how to be beautiful inside, and out. Kennedy makes great use of her influential platform as an avenue to help women understand the definition of inner beauty, as well as providing helpful tips on how women can attain external beauty.

What makes Kennedy unique is her ability to sympathize with the extreme pressure women face when attempting to fit the prototypical definition of an innocent girl, or mother. She gives her personal time to give women digital makeovers, attempting to abolish any negative connotations that come with the pregnancy process. She does this to show that there is indeed nothing wrong with women, and that they are not alone in their struggle. Kennedy ensures a safe space for women to bond over similar experiences, injecting a sense of camaraderie and faith in women.

Kennedy strongly desires to eliminate the shame women face as mothers and business owners. She acts as a motivational figure for women everywhere, showing that they too can be successful in both spaces. Kennedy continues her mission to help women, making herself a great example in showing that women do not need to choose between a career or motherhood, as they can be successful at both, at the same time. She is also responsible for in creating a safe and positive space for women to share stories about abuse and difficulties with pregnancy. Liz Kennedy is not just a beauty influencer, she is a powerful figure with a steadfast commitment to catalyze change in societal structures.