Lo-fi Genius, Ernesto Gaita, is Changing the Music Game

Lo-fi Genius, Ernesto Gaita, is Changing the Music Game

Ernesto Gaita is the musical genius trying to leave a positive impact on people’s lives. How will he do it? Through the sweet, simple sounds of music. The type of music that will reconnect you with yourself. The type of music that allows you to ponder on life’s biggest mysteries.

Gaita is attempting to produce his music with a major emotional and cognitive appeal. “I want people to feel like they’ve been put into a trance-like state where they’re able to think on a deep level and sort out whatever is going on in their lives,” Gaita said. He wants to make music for people that helps them clear their minds and introspectively find answers for their own life. If there is one thing powerful enough to do that, it is the sound of music. For Gaita, he said, “That is what lo-fi is for me. It occupies my mind in a way that makes it easy for me to deal with the big issues.”

Gaita is set to drop a lo-fi mix that is a must-listen, titled, Mindfulness On Repeat. “I wanted to create something that will help anyone be elevated yet calm to a place to find clarity,” Gaita said. The project is set to drop in the spring of 2021 and will entail ten hours worth of music that will put you at peace.

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