Actor Tazito Garcia – The Rise of The New People’s Champ

Actor Tazito Garcia – The Rise of The New People’s Champ

Many people talk endlessly about their successes. But former teacher and pro-athlete-turned-actor-director, Taz Garcia, recently had a very heart warming speech surface on YouTube about his failures and experience with war as a child. That’s Extremely refreshing, encouraging and a light for us to know that we as humans tend to learn far more from failures and hardships, according to science. 

Taz stated that there’s no bad experience, only experience and lessons. We fail forward. You learn not fall the same way again. You have to taste sour to appreciate sweet. We tend to just brush off success so quickly, yet tend to indulge every ounce of effort and brain power into identifying our failures.

During the many variables with COVID19, Taz has quickly adapted his mentality to the online world to keep in touch with friends, fans, students and filmmakers. “There’s light at the end of the tunnel. This uncertainty  will come to an end, it’s a matter of time. Let’s control what we can and spend it with who we value the most. Also, The fact we have internet, social media, streaming services and zoom. We are blessed.”

Since the first round of quarantine lockdown, Taz has donated $15,000 to PPE and taken to Instagram Live for Q&A’s and offered free online workouts. Taz’s been able to connect with 10,000 people worldwide and get them smiling at the end of the Live chats. “I’m just very happy to be able to make you all smile today”- before signing off.

“It feels like a restart button was pushed. Like we’re starting out on all spectrums.”

Taz cited the fact that acting gigs have started to open up again, but many of the steps that gave us the full experience is now diluted. Being around all the creative people is limited. The suspense of going through traffic worrying about making it on time, or anxiously waiting with others in the room for your turn to audition. Granted it’s more convenient now. Saves you time and money. You get to redo self tapes and submit the best take. It’s just one of the ways the biz is evolving into its 2.0 version.

Taz and his partner will be hosting the annual Movie Expo virtually in March 20201 as an entire interactive virtual city filled with seminars, opportunity and virtual booths.

Garcia “nicest guy on set” also known as “the people’s champ” has filmed several commercials since the return of the industry. We are very excited to see him in the new upcoming Jackie Chan film ‘Project Xtraction’  slated for 2021 China release. We also hope that he’ll be joining the Canadian duo of actors that recently got cast for big superhero roles.

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