Lord Society NFT, Unique 3D Avatar On Ethereum Blockchain Sold Out Within 20 Minutes

Lord Society NFT, Unique 3D Avatar On Ethereum Blockchain Sold Out Within 20 Minutes

For decades art has been expressed in various ways, but currently, many see (NFTs) non-fungible tokens as the future of art. NFTs are seen as the new Rolexes, and being able to flex it on social media or use it to create personalized merch is another perk on its own.


Ethereum blockchain recently dropped the Lord Society NFTs, a collection of 7777 unique 3-dimensional artwork, each with more than 150 plus traits. Notably, the Lord Society NFT  made records in the NFT space after it was sold out within 20 minutes of launch. Like the famous Bored Apes NFTs whose price rose by 1000 to over 10,000% immediately after launching, Lord Society NFT is on its way to popularity. The project highly prioritizes quality; hence the key objective is to build the most insightful community in the NFT space and bring the most valuable utilities possible.


Upon buying a Lord NFT, not only do you purchase an avatar or a piece of art, but also you gain membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings increase over time. Additionally, your Lord can serve as your digital identity, VIP pass for a casino, breed a junior Lord, receive daily, and much more.


The project starts by inviting only holders of Lord society to several private parties where the first event is scheduled to take place 1 month after the drop. This will be followed by incorporating the community suggestions of the ideal location between different cities worldwide. NFT staking will be the next step whereby all Lord Society holders will access the staking platform, which will allow them to stake their Lord Society and receive 5 $ Lord tokens per day.


Token holders will also create another series of NFTs by breeding their Lord Society NFTs. Owning a junior Lord automatically translates to doubling one’s number of $ Lord tokens per day. Holders of the Lord Society NFT will also play with their $ Lord token in the future casino in Decentraland metaverse. Holders will receive 10% of all casino profits, with proceeds sent directly to the wallets accessible for more than 3 months’ owners.


Lord Society will also participate freely in the weekly competitions of poker, blackjack, betting, and DraftKings every Thursday night and stand a chance to win $20,000 cash weekly, $Lord tokens, Ethereum, NFTs, or free spins on their casino.


A merch and series documentary is the other significant part of this project. The project includes setting up a merch and sending free merch  to every more than 2 months holder. The merch will consist of hoodies, collectibles, kid’s toys, tees, and various accessories. The project also includes filming and documenting all the roadmap steps, including the meetings in Los Angeles, physical events, merchandised process, giveaways, and deliveries in a documentary series.


Lord society has more than 250,000 members who support them in their discord worldwide. Some of the vast influencers and iconic superstars who have joined them include Sergio Roberto, Grimaldo, Amber Rose, Neyo, The game, and much more!