Luxe VVS Jewelers Owner Reveals the Secret to Their Affordable Customized Diamond Jewelry

Luxe VVS Jewelers Owner Reveals the Secret to Their Affordable Customized Diamond Jewelry

Most people think that buying diamonds are out of their reach because they can’t afford to spend a fortune on highly-priced jewelry pieces. But what if you stumble upon a brand that makes affordable diamond jewelry and even allows you to customize its design? That may sound like a fantasy, but it’s how Luxe VVS Jewelers has managed to carve out a name in the luxury fashion industry. If you’re wondering how this brand can provide custom diamond jewelry at competitive prices, we have all the answers for you today.

Luxe VVS Jewelers owner, Mr. Brandon O’Neal, is here with us. It’s an absolute delight to have him because we are eager to know how his company manages to provide high-quality diamonds at unbelievable prices.

Q: Thank you, Mr. O’Neal, for talking to us today. Let’s start with the burning question about Luxe VVS Jewelers’ making customized diamond jewelry affordable for everyone?

A: It’s a pleasure talking to you guys. To answer your question, I would like to point out two things about the diamond industry: it’s where you make and source diamonds that matter the most. Luxe VVS Jewelers gets its diamonds from India. We also make the diamond jewelry pieces there and a few of them in China. Diamonds are way cheaper in India compared to other countries. And the same goes for labor costs. This helps us cut down costs significantly without compromising the quality of our products. Like most brands, we don’t keep a high-profit margin for customized jewelry. We want everyone to own diamonds and break this barrier of not being able to afford this stunning stone.

Q: What about the design process? Isn’t that expensive?

A: We work with celebrity designers who use fully-automated systems to create the designs we get from our customers. Gone are the days when we designed jewelry pieces with our hands. We use software applications to develop a 3D model of the design our customers send so that we can get their approval before proceeding to the manufacturing stage. Since designers don’t have to work for days on a single design, the fine jewelry’s price goes down.

Q: How do you market your products? Do you spend a lot on advertising?

A: Not at all. I have a background in social media advertising. And so, I use different social media platforms to showcase our work. This helps us to reach our clients nationally. We also believe in referrals because we feel confident about the quality of our products. I think that once we create a base of satisfied customers, they will help our business grow. 

Q: What do you plan to do next with the brand?

A: We still feel that many people don’t know that they can get customized diamond jewelry without putting a dent in their pockets. Luxe VVS Jewelers aims to put an end to that. We plan on working with more influencers, particularly celebrities in the hip-hop industry, to grow our reach and spread our message. Of course, we will continue delivering quality diamond jewelry to each of our customers, as our business’s core is to help them a custom piece they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

We wish nothing but the best for your brand. Thank you, Mr. O’Neal, for sharing so much, and we hope that Luxe VVS Jewelers becomes the best diamond jewelry brand in the industry.